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More 90s Partyin

I have no words for how amazing these pogs are. No words.

Along with our flashback photo booth, the 90s party also had some hip-happenin' games. We warmed up with pogs and Mario Kart 64, then we pulled out our competitive sides with Mario Lopez.
FYI, before Mario Lopez was judging dance competitions on TV, he was our beloved singlet-wearing, Jesse-toting, mullet-sporting A.C. Slater. 

the game playing started at 9:01, apparently

The mullet-pinning was simply a warm up for the real competition. 

90s trivia!

Camaron and I made a 90s trivia video for the party. 
It had questions and clips from shows, and music videos. 
If you'd like to test your 90s trivia skills, you can view the video HERE. Let me know how you do!

We played boys vs. girls. 

Along with trivia, the video also challenged the teams to a Fresh Prince "Carlton" dance off
 -which produced the following images:

Since I'm horrible at keeping score, we didn't exactly know which team won in the end, so we decided to determine the winners using the fairest method we knew -a walk off. A 90s walk off.

This tie-breaker made me so glad I lost track of the scores. Oh my goodness, the biggest regret of my life is that it wasn't captured on video and I cannot share the rad-tasticness with you today.
Please forgive me.

To make up for it (although I know this totally doesn't make up for it), I leave you with this image of the tapes I had party-ers fill out with their favorite 90s tunes. Get ready for a trip down jr. high lane...
p.s. Whoever put that Creed one in there deserves a punch in the neck.


  1. Your party is da bomb! I'm totally jealous.Please have your next one when we're in town. Down?

    1. uhhhh duh! It's basically going to be a non-stop party once you guys get here:)

  2. that party looks awesome! I would have killed at 90s trivia! PS I hope you were able to neck punch whoever put Creed in there.

  3. Oh wow, this is the most amazing party idea ever!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  4. Ha! This is awesome!


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