Christmas Morning

While making this post, I quickly realized the only photos we took on Christmas morning were of Fox. This is good, because no one wants to see me in my pjs with no makeup. No one. (sorry for the semi-glimpse in the photo above). Also, we just kept taking pictures of Fox because he was just so much fun! I was a little worried that he would be more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than his actual gifts this year (pretty common for kids his age), but he was actually excited by the new things he got -even simple things like books and a sippy cup! Oh, I love this kid.

I was the first one up on Christmas morning. It was absolute torture waiting around for Cam and Fox to wake up I eventually woke them up. But not before taking ^this picture^ of a silly sleeping Fox:)

Fox has a recent thing where he just loves giving kisses ...and he loves doggies. So when he got a bunch of doggie books for Christmas, he went through them, pointed out each doggie, then kissed them:)

This year's was by far my favorite Christmas so far with this little family of mine. I can't wait until next year when Fox understands even more and (hopefully) has gotten over his fear of Santa.

Man, I Feel Like Some Christmas

December's Suppa Club was simply amazing. The food. Oh the food. My only complaint was that everyone should have brought more (just for me). Then Natalie formed all of us into professional whistling Christmas carolers (a mouthful, right there). But seriously, we need to go on tour. And of course there was gingerbread house making. AND a white elephant gift exchange.

Ok, I need to start a new paragraph simply for the white elephant. Ahead of time, we changed the white elephant gift exchange from $5 gifts to homemade gifts. This was a genius move, because, well did you see who ended up coming to the party?? These are some of the most creative/talented people around -and their gifts only proved that more true (fyi one person handmade a glass terrarium. From scratch. Including scraps of stained glass from the newly-being-built Gilbert temple. Yes.).

Then we had a mini, impromptu talent show. I was planning to skip that one, until I was looking at inspiration for my turtleneck and I came across this:

For re-enactments, I accept payment in warm cookies, and or bowls of Cap'n Crunch (I really want some right now)

Ok, I'll blog

It's been a while since I've written on here (uhhh, Halloween? Oops). I guess November has just been a little rough on me and it's left me with not much motivation to write -also, I haven't taken many pictures, which also takes away some motivation. But I shall blog nonetheless.

Ok, so this is my birthday month, although birthday came and went within the first few days. We did birthday week, of course. And it was very nice, and very full of yummy foods (which is basically all I wanted). My birthday day was actually a very hard day though, because I accidentally let Fox grab my hot curling iron with his bare little baby-sensitive hand and it was burned pretty bad. He was sad for a long time, so I was too. And then I just wished I could have a do-over (but those don't really happen), so it wasn't exactly the best birthday ever (although it really meant a lot to receive all of the birthday wishes that I did, and to have an awesome dinner made for me, and all kinds of love poured out to me -none of that was overlooked).

A birthday week morn is not complete without all of the pumpkin-inspired Krispy Kreme donuts

If you have a birthday coming up, make sure you're signed up for Grimaldi's birthday email/coupon


And now we're just in the little lull between my birthday and Thanksgiving. Sorry, I've just been feeling bummy lately. Hopefully I'll get out of this funk soon. Maybe when it finally cools down enough that we can turn off our AC?? (seriously, fall?)

I'm so grateful to have this kid to entertain me all day

Oh yeah, and we went to the zoo! Fox looks impressed by the bear cub here. 
But don't worry, he wasn't.

A Very Long Halloween

This Halloween was a very long one (did anyone else notice?). Sheesh Thursday Halloween, you really know how to take up the whole week. Good thing I love Halloween though, or else I might have complained. This year was extra fun since Fox was old enough to actually trick-or-treat. It was so fun to watch him pick out candy and place them into his little pumpkin bucket. I loved holding his hand, walking with him door to door to say "trick-or-treat!" -I was the one who said it, he just loved being there.

Last Saturday, for our church party, and a friend's party later that night, our family dressed up in a Wayne's World theme. I was Wayne, Camaron was Garth, and Fox was Alice Cooper. Fox won us a huge candy bar for "scariest costume" -thank you Fox! Then on Tuesday, I was invited to a friend's church party. Camaron had class, so he had to miss out. Fox loved all of the costumes (except for any involving face paint), and we had a blast in the bounce house and on the giant, inflatable slide:)

On actual Halloween, Camaron had class again so Fox and I hit up Hallow's Eve, just the two of us. I was a cat burglar cat (inspired by this AMAZING post) and Fox was a cow -who saw that coming?!?! We visited both sets of Grandparents, then we helped pass out candy:)

What were you for Halloween?
Happy November!!!!!!!
My birthday's on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ate a lot of candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just past one

A favorite moment in our house is when it gets real quiet, and suddenly Camaron and I can hear little jibber jabbers coming from Fox's room. Then we'll peek in only to find Fox with a huge smile on his face, sitting in his crib playing with his toothbrush (it's rare that he doesn't sleep with it these days). He seriously loves that thing. I'd say, The only thing he loves more than his toothbrush is yogurt. He'd eat it all day if I'd let him. And somedays I'm tempted too, he's such a picky eater. Better yogurt than nothing, right? I swear his eating habits are what are causing my grey hairs.

Fox is such a curious little boy. He doesn't talk yet, but he always inquires about everything around him by pointing and making noises that always go up in pitch (so he basically always sounds inquisitive). Along with being curious, this kid is also full of surprises. I'm always shocked at what he notices and remembers. He'll be in one room and then suddenly become upset about something, I'll have no idea why of course, then I'll follow him to the other side of the house where he'll walk into a room, lift up the curtains, and reveal the toy he was missing. How did he know/remember that was there?! Other surprises include me finding his "treasures" all over the house. Usually, it's goldfish in all of the baking dishes in the cupboards he can open, or a pair of his tiny socks in the box of ziplock bags under the sink:)

This little guy loves being read to (it's my not-so-secret weapon when he's feeling really sad or frustrated). Another not-so-secret trick of mine when he's feeling down, is taking him outside. He loves being outside. The weather has been so nice lately that we've just been leaving our back door open a lot, and Fox loves venturing out into our tiny backyard (Even though he's a pro walker now,  he'll always crawl over the threshold). Other than the threshold thing, Fox is pretty much a non-stop walker. His favorite place to test out his skills proves to ultimately be at church. The long, wide open aisles just beckon him. I'm now one of those ladies who's always chasing her baby all around sacrament meeting (yay!) (Camaron too. Yay!).

People continually told us, right after Fox was born, that he would just get more and more fun as he got older. It's definitely proving to be true. I cannot believe Fox is just about fourteen months old, and what a fun loving little guy he is. Fox is also just a very loving little guy all around. He loves being held by friends, family, and strangers. He is so smiley and always ready to laugh. Sometimes he'll even give us kisses:) And on days when I'm babysitting for friends, Fox always makes sure the babies have their pacifiers in, and I recently discovered he is a sympathy cryer -just like his mom.

Love you little smiley Foxy:)


Fox on a walk

One of the hardest things about this summer was that it was just too hot to do much outside with Fox (as is true with every Arizona summer). To cure our cabin fever, we usually just went to the store or something lame like that. To say I've been looking forward to fall is a bit of an understatement. Let's just say, one of my biggest fears lately had been that Fox would somehow suddenly decide he hated his stroller for some reason -seriously, I love taking him on walks so much that this thought truly frightened me. Luckily, that wasn't the case. He still loves walks (hallelujah!) and we've been going on at least two a day now that the weather is finally at a bearable temperature (told you I love taking him on walks).

Ok, confession: part of why I've been taking him on multiple walks a day has been because I've been listening to an audiobook as we stroll around the neighborhood -and I'm already sucked into it. I used this same idea last winter when I took Fox on walks almost everyday. Back then, I was listening to The Dangerous Animals Club by Stephen Tobolowsky, which I HIGHLY recommend! Seriously, I felt like Stephen and I were great friends by the time I finished that one -and you would want him as your friend, just to hear all of his stories. This time, I'm listening to Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's a YA novel that apparently everyone has already read, except me. I just get sucked into books so easily, I really can't wait until Fox and I go on our walk(s) today so I can find out what happens next!

sidenote: we also sometimes play on the playgrounds in the neighborhood. The real/main reason I love taking Fox outside is because I know he loves being outside and all there is to explore and see. I swear I'm not as selfish as I made it sound above when I basically wrote that I only take him on walks so I can listen to my book:)

Yay fall!

Can we just go camping every weekend?

Camaron and I, pretty much on a whim, decided to go camping this weekend. Just the two of us. It was my first night away from Fox, and although I definitely missed him and still thought about him a ton, it was such a treat to have some alone time with just Camaron. His school schedule this semester is very busy, so a little escape to the woods was a welcome blessing. 

Normally, I would freak a little with only us two up in the woods -neither of us are too incredibly well-versed in the ways of the great outdoors. We went with my family just a few months ago though, and everything was still fresh in our minds, so it wasn't nearly as overwhelming or scary as it could have been. We explored, took pictures (obviously), got eaten by mosquitoes, gathered firewood, built our fire, played games, made our dinner,  ate too much dessert, read our books, and then froze in our car all night because we didn't pack enough blankets:( Seriously, how do I not know how to properly pack by now?? I always freeze when I go camping, yet I never think to pack extra blankets the next time. After this time though, I'm pretty sure that won't happen again. Around 5 or 6am, we finally just broke down and turned on the car and blasted the heater. Heaven.

Lame Boyfriends

Andrea "quirks? what quirks?" Jones -circa 2008

Ok, for some reason I just felt like taking a stroll down memory lane the other day. Somehow, my thoughts reverted back to a conversation I had with a boy I once dated in college. Now, it should be noted, at the time, I really liked this boy. He was probably the boy I liked the most before meeting Camaron. Ok, here is how the conversation he and I had one day went down:

We were driving somewhere to meet up with some of our friends. We were discussing one of our friends and how it was a little surprising to us that she was homeschooled. In the past, most people I met who were fully homeschooled were a little socially-awkward (some more than others). I really don't want to offend anyone who read this who has been homeschooled, but in most cases this just seems to be true (it's not always a bad thing, just a unique thing). Well, I think I said something like "from the few times I've been around her, I wouldn't have thought she was homeschooled. I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary" Then bf said something like "I don't know, she definitely has some quirks." This lead me to wonder if she even knew she came off this way; if she even knew she had these "quirks." So I mentioned that to bf, and then I said, "What is we have quirks we don't even know about? What is they're talking about our quirks in their car right now?!" 

Then I did the dumb thing and asked the bf if I had a quirk I was unaware of. And do you know what this kid did? He said yes! But he refused to tell me what it was, of course. So I was just left there feeling dumb and trying not to do anything I normally did, because it could be "the quirk." Who tells someone that they have something wrong with them, and refuses to divulge what it is??? That only makes it obvious that it's something horrible that the person can never change about themselves (that's what I figured anyway).

I still don't know what my quirk was. My only guess is that it may have had to do with being too hilarious or too good at Guitar Hero... 

My favorite is that my best friend later told me that she was very glad when we broke up (yes we eventually broke up). "I was never a fan" was what she said -why she never informed me of that earlier, I'll never know (jk, it's because she's super nice and let me figure out he was lame on my own).

So I guess what I'm getting at is that you should never ask someone if you have something wrong with you that you are unaware of. And if you happen to break that rule, get rid of them if they answer "yes."

A New Haircolor

I decided to add a little extra change in my life this weekend and had my hair colored. I love the red. This is a color I've been wanting for quite a while now -I've done red before, but it was usually really dark and mostly looked like dark brown with a little reddish hue in the sunlight. We went a lighter route this time. And I added back the bangs. I think I may be over growing them out -they always do weird things when I grow them out.

p.s.  Camaron keeps trying to convince me that, since going red, I'm much more sassy now. And quick to anger. Please.

A Love for Books

Read at least two books with Fox every day.

That was a goal I set for myself around a month ago when I realized Fox just wasn't digging books. I have always loved reading, and Camaron's love for great literature scored him major points while we were dating. And introducing Fox to some of my favorite written characters is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. So I made my goal, wrote it down, and so far I've stuck to it.

Fox loves books now! It makes me so happy when we'll be playing with his toys and then he'll just reach over, grab one of his books, and then hand it to me so I can read it to him. My favorite is when he tuns the pages himself and points at the pictures. It's great! The only problem is that he loves a few of his books a little too much. Seriously, we just read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" six times. You sure you want me to read it to you again? Oh well, if this is what it takes to get him to start reading and loving Harry Potter, then so be it.

***Let it be known that Fox has a lot more hair than this picture shows. He does not have a skullet. Also, no, I do not know what my left arm is doing in the above photo. Obviously it was too cool to capture in focus:)


Challenge: Completed

Well, I finally got my act together and took my 30th self portrait today. 30 out of 30. I finished!!! You may have thought I gave up there for a little bit. I mean, I took #29 over a week and a half ago. I thought I gave up too. But, today it just happened. And man, does it feel good.

This challenge was such a blast. I loved having it as my daily creative outlet; trying to figure out how to photograph myself artistically (somewhat) each day. Thank you for all of the fun comments along the way too. I loved all of the support I received while I was working on these. Maybe I'll just have to do this again sometime?? Hmmmm

Did you have any favorites?

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