BEACH VIDEO and Seeing Familiar Faces

While at the beach last week, I jumped on the opportunity to shoot some B-roll to use in a film we might do for the 30 Second Film Festival (Yes, it is a festival featuring only films that are 30 seconds long. Yes, my husband and his friend are putting it on. Yes, everyone is invited to submit and/or watch. Yes, you should get in on this. ). I was playing around with my footage the other night and threw this little promo-thing together. Enjoy! 

Also, on our way home from CA, we stopped by the Mormon Battalion visitor's center in Old Town San Diego. It's a fun little place to stop (you get to pan for gold and everything!). And it just so happens that one of my best friends is serving her mission there! I was so glad to see her gorgeous face -so glad,in fact, that I totally started crying. Typical me. It was her first time meeting Fox, since she left while I was still just pregnant. Oh, I love Ralynne and am so proud of her and the time she is devoting to serving the Lord. If you're ever in Old Town, make sure to stop in and give her some lovin from me:)

p.s. Really, if you or someone you know would be interested in submitting a film or attending the festival, check out all of the info on the website, and be sure to like the 30 Second Film Festival facebook page for cool info and giveaways and stuff:)



Our second day at the beach was spent, well, at the beach. It was another gorgeous day. Don't be fooled by the pictures of Fox wearing his beanie, it was actually really warm -that was just the only hat we packed and I worry about that bald little head in the sun. The boys hit the waves while the ladies soaked up the rays. Unbeknownst to me, that boogie-boarding excursion was actually Camaron's very first time in the ocean!!! How did that happen? How did I not know about this? Needless to say, he loved it (even though his wetsuit was on backwards).

After beach time came pizza time. We all drove down to Carlsbad to dine on some of the yummiest pizza I've ever had. Pizza Port. The BBQ chicken pizza. Just do it. Seriously, that sauce was so much better than any I've ever had. I really like Carlsbad. It's always on our must-do list when I visit Oceanside with my mom and sister each summer. It's very tourist-y, with lots of little shops. And it's right next to the ocean. It's just a must-do.

It's kind of a blur what happened after Carlsbad. We came home and did some stuff and then eventually went back down to the beach for s'mores. We tried to find an open fire pit we could roast over, but they were all taken. So we just used a BBQ grill near the pier that no one was using. We had firewood, so we just threw it in the grill. Along with the wood, there were also some branches. Oh wow, they had a distinct scent. The distinct scent of weed, that is. I worried a little that someone would call the cops on us, or worse, try to join our "party". Neither happened, luckily. The s'mores were delish and the ocean with the refection of the lights on the pier was beautiful.

Something strange occurred on this trip that I hadn't experienced in marriage before. It didn't feel like I spent any time with Camaron. Well, not very much anyway. It was strange because Camaron was with me the whole time. We were always in the same room, doing the same activities, going to places together... We deducted that this trip was different because our focus wasn't on each other the whole time -like it had been on previous trips together. This time, our attention was divided between Fox and all of our friends. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, more like a bit of an awakening. Mostly because I'm pretty sure this is what trips will be like once we have lots of kids. Sure, it's a blast and many fun memories are made -I just like that us time. It really helped me understand why my parents often took trips without us growing up. They weren't being rude and ditching us (well, maybe a little), they were just doing what happily married couples need to do sometimes. So, basically, Cam and I decided that we'll always make sure to plan us trips along with planning super-fun friends trips, so we're not missing out on one or the other:)

Thank you again, Oceanside (and Carli)!!! You're just great


This past Thursday, Valentine's Day, our little family packed up our sunnies, swimmies, and flippies and headed west. 

Destination: Oceanside, California. 

We are incredibly lucky to have a friend whose family owns a beach house right off the ocean. We, along with a few of our other friends, were all invited to spend the weekend there soaking up rays, chasing seagulls, eating the best pizza, building sand castles, roasting marshmallows on the beach, and licking Flaming Hot Cheetos dust off our fingers. It was perfect. The beach wasn't crowded at all (thank you, February), and the temperature was around a gorgeous 70 degrees during the day (thank you, southern California).

It was just us and the Bradfords the first day (everyone else arrived late that night). We played on the beach until we were starving. Thankfully, Camaron and William volunteered to ride bikes (cute) to pick up some Mexican food for us all to chow down on. A huge nap soon followed -we are very exciting people. More eating ensued. I dominated in the game of Life (fyi, always choose the technical support career). After I was done flaunting all of the money I had earned, Natalie and Hunter showed up, so we ate some more. Eventually, Tara, Melissa, and Carli (hostess with the mostest) arrived. Then we all giggled the night away to the soundtrack of waves crashing just outside our window.

Fun fact: apparently, there was also a GIANT raccoon just outside our window:) Somehow it was not documented on film

Weekend Getaway

This Valentine's Day involved no flowers, chocolates, or fancy dinners.
I could get used to this:)

Snag A Free Pair of Glasses

Not gonna lie, I've kind of always thought glasses were cool -probably because my sister had them when we were little, and basically everything she did was cool. I even remember purposefully getting some of the answers wrong on the eye tests you had to do in elementary school just so I had a chance at wearing glasses.
"umm... is that a backwards K? I just can't see it very well..."

I never ended up getting glasses though (I know, woe is me). So imagine my delight last week when I received these glasses from Firmoo to review. I was SO thrilled when I opened the package. I love these tortoise wayfarers (which coincidentally are identical to Camaron's glasses). They are just as cute as I hoped they would be and they fit so nice -I keep forgetting I have them on. And now people have finally started taking my ideas seriously -JK. (That will never happen) is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. They are widely known for their low prices and wide variety of styles. With their prices so low (starting at $8!) and their free returns if you aren't satisfied with your choice, I'm so tempted to order these frames too. Be sure to check out their First Pair Free deal going on here! All you pay is shipping on your first pair from Firmoo. And they even come with a nice case and repair kit:) And a little added fun, you can virtually try on their glasses on their website -so nice.

Hope you have awesome weekend plans. I'll be studying Proust and working on my thesis. Well, that or playing murder in the dark while simultaneously stuffing my face with sour patch kids (mostly the red ones, of course).

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post and I am not affliliated with in any way. This was a completely un-biased and truthful opinion and review for


Have a great day today! I hope you get to spend it with the people you love. I'm so excited to spend today with my three loves: Camaron, Fox, and candy:)

p.s. remember when I used to make cards???

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

...and let's just accept I'm going to use these ones every year

6 Months Old

Happy first half birthday, Fox!

Oh wow, 6 months. I can't believe it has been 6 months since I held this little cutie for the first time. Emotions, emotions, emotions, sentimental feelings, I can't believe how little you used to be, reminiscing, old photos, memories, emotions, emotions...

...ok, I think I got it all out. Now onto how cool this kid is right now.

Fox had his six month appointment yesterday and took it like a champ (as usual). Yes he wet his diaper when he saw the nurse come in, and of course he screamed when she gave him 4 shots to his thighs, but he was back to his calm and collected self before she even left the room. He quickly celebrated by rolling all over the table and tearing up all of the table's paper.

At six months, Fox is 26.5" long (50%), weighs 14 lbs 3oz (10%), and has a head circumference of 16.75" (25%). He's always been on the skinny side (just like mom and dad), but I'm thinking he'll finally start bulking up in the next few weeks as we start him out on solids. As excited as I am to start making him new foods, I am dreading the effects it will leave on his diapers -But more on that when the time comes. As for now, Fox is basically just wowing us left and right. This little guy is sooo close to crawling. He scoots all over the place -now if he could only learn to scoot forward instead of backwards. Along with the scooting, a new skill he just busted out this week is to sit up! He just did it on his own one night while Cam was watching him. It was such fun news to come home to:) Fox is also now in size 3 diapers, making purring noises with his uvula all of the time, and doing push ups like a maniac. He also loves to grab anything within reach, drop it, grab it, drop it, grab it, drop it, and grab it for as long as we let him repeat this new game for him. My favorite though, is to enter his room in the mornings to get him up, only to find him rolling around and chatting/giggling to himself in his crib. I love that he is just as entertained by himself as we are.


Hearts and hearts and hearts

I know there is a certain stigma that often accompanies the thought of Valentine's Day

it was made by greeting card companies
"single-awareness day" 
yadda yadda yadda...

Nevertheless, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I enjoy Valentine's Day. I like eating heart-shaped cookies, picking out cheesy valentines to give to friends and family, having conversations with conversation hearts, thinking about those I love, and dancing around to The Format's Inches and Falling -jk (kinda).

Oh my goodness, I want some heart-shaped cookies right now. With thick pink frosting. Possibly sprinkles. Basically, any holiday that has yummy food accompanying it is pretty dang awesome in my book.

P.S. Camaron got that cute little desk calendar for me for Christmas from here

Not Again

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you wake up and part of what you were dreaming was actually happening in real life? Like the phone was ringing in your dream, and then you wake up and your phone is actually ringing? Or, my personal fav, you really have to go to the bathroom in your dream, then you wake up and it's a miracle you didn't wet the bed? Well, let's just say, last night was the worst version of this that I have ever experienced.

I can't remember exactly what I was dreaming about. I think I may have been at some sort of theme park at some point. Anyway, as the dream progressed, I remember the location I was at started to smell bad. No matter where I went, it just kept getting worse and worse. Suddenly, I woke up. And the smell didn't go away.

Oh. My. Gosh. I almost choked on the thick skunk fumes. That's right, skunk. I thought it was all over back in October when animal control came and took away Pepe. Apparently, Pepe decided to rent out our attic while he's away. I'm pretty sure he rented it out to his uncle Gordo, because whatever was up there last night was large. And noisy. And must have just come back from a tussle with a dog or something, because he stank. It was 3 in the morning and it stank so bad. Camaron slept through all of this of course. He was asleep on his stomach with his face in his pillow -lucky. I just laid there trying to find something to cover my nose with. I started panicing that skunk scent might be dangerous for babies, so I checked on Fox -I'm always my most rational at 3am. The visitor in the attic kept rummaging around and scratching his long nails along the vents. I kept imagining his little punk face peeking through the vent in our bedroom and smirking at me. Oh, he made me so mad.

By some miracle, I eventually fell back asleep. When I awoke this morning, the house only had a tiny tinge of skunk scent, thank goodness. Cam called up maintenance to come by and set up a trap again. Apparently, it's skunk season, because they ran out of traps yesterday, so we probably won't have one until tomorrow. 

In the meantime, anyone have any spare febreeze they would like to get rid of?
Scented candles?
Skunk repellent?

Get Down

This weekend, we've been obsessed with hanging out on the floor. All of us.
You see that plush, fluffy stuff under Fox and me in that photo?? Yeah, that's right, CARPET!!!
I never knew something as small as carpet could make me so excited -but, then again, I've never lived somewhere that had only linoleum tiles as the flooring (silly rental).

Camaron had received a little bonus at work, and we've been talking about laying some carpet in our living room ever since we moved in, and Fox is sooooo close to full-on crawling was the perfect storm. Along with the carpet, we moved our furniture around and switched some of it out, so it's like we have a whole new room. It's kinda silly how excited we are about it. Camaron and I keep joking about how non-exciting our lives must be if we're going so nuts over carpet. Whatever, I'm going to go eat breakfast and than make carpet angels with Fox.
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