Well, I finally decided it was time to re-stock the shop. It was looking pretty sad for a while there ...hehe oops. I've suddenly just been on this crazy design kick, so I decided to put my energy to good use. There are 5 new wedding invitations available in the shop (and more on the way). It's pretty awesome because they're digital files, so you can download them and then print them wherever you like ...and then I'm not scrambling to get to the printers and the post office before it closes and then losing stuff and all that wonderful jazz:) I'm also planning to add some more baby shower invitations (because apparently everyone is having babies), but what else would you like to see me create?

birthday invites? postcards? posters? recipe cards? custom family pyramid portraits?

Oh, and just to let you know, I am always up for designing custom pieces. No, seriously, I love it. And blog followers always get special discounts, of course. Email me up if you ever have an idea you'd like designed:)

Garden Update

Lettuce, marigolds, zinnias, pumpkins, corn, and basil ...oh my

It's always so fun to go out and water the garden and see just how big everything is getting. I'm so excited for when we can begin harvesting -I just hope the plants are strong enough to make it through an AZ summer. 
You may have noticed the lettuce is looking a little crispy. 
We put a shade up over it yesterday, so I'm hoping that helps the sun situation. 
And we may have planted too many pumpkins ...they're vining out everywhere (and I love it). 

9 Months Old

At nine months old, Fox is basically a moving, grooving, chatting happy bundle of fun. He's always exploring, whether it's by crawling all around the house, pulling himself up and walking along holding to the coffee table or couch, or running and then gliding through the kitchen in his rolling walker-thing. He just loves to move. And then he'll celebrate by throwing his hands up in the air:)

He's still as social as ever. Always up for being held by family and friends and he loves the faces that the checkout ladies make at him. Also, he's started waving and giving high fives. I thought it was a fluke at first, but he's become pretty consistent, so that's super fun:) It really doesn't take much to get a smile out of this little one, and that's probably my favorite of all.

He had his nine month doctor's appointment yesterday, so here are the stats:
head circumference: 40th percentile
height: 70th percentile
weight: 5th percentile

We just laughed when we saw his weight. Oh, our little Fox. Elbow dimples, round tummy, rolls, and all.
At least he's on the chart??


Jimmy Eat World ...a week late

The first time I ever saw Jimmy Eat World play was right after high school. My friends Rachel, Alicia, and I ventured down to Tucson together for this all-day music fest that Billy Idol was headlining (random). It was a very hot day, and most of the bands were terrible and incredibly drunk or high, but I endured only on hopes of seeing Jimmy Eat World play live. And I did see them, and they were great. Even though I was hit in the head with a random flying Coke bottle (plastic, thank goodness), and I was sticky and disgusting, I loved that day. But It wasn't just because of who was playing, it was the fact that I knew all of the words to every song, I had my friends with me, we road-tripped together to have this experience, and seeing an AZ band play in AZ is just the best. Oh, and incase you were wondering, we left before Billy Idol even went on (The Billy fans were nuts).

Just like the first time I saw them, the most recent time going to a Jimmy concert definitely didn't disappoint either. Last Friday night, Natalie, Hunter, Camaron, and I ventured to one of Arizona's finest tiny, historical western towns, Wickenburg. Jimmy was doing a home state tour with Wickenburg being one of their last stops. We ate Gecko Grill on the way and had fun talking about past concert experiences. FYI: If you ever want your mind blown in awe, ask Natalie about her and Jenny's first time to NYC (preview: they shared an elevator with Prince). 

The concert was in the town's community center. How fun is that? It was around the size of my elementary school auditorium, so it was easy to find our other friends and to get up close. And luckily, with the exception of the gassy boys in front of me, the crowd was pretty cool -no one was beating each other up or throwing Coke bottles or anything. The band came out, everyone went nuts, then the music started. It was so great. And going to concerts with Camaron is always so fun, because that kid just loves to have fun. We danced the night away from Clarity to Bleed American to basically everything that is good and Jimmy:)

And check out this nice little surprise on Jimmy Eat World's instagram.
Thanks for the lift, Camaron:)


Mother's Day

I know this is a little late, but this Mother's Day consisted of a wonderful nap (best gift ever) in place of my usual computer time. But, late or not, I just wanted my cutie mom to know that I am so grateful to be her daughter. I'm grateful for all of the skills she's passed down to me, and for her amazing example of kindness, forgiving, and everything that I want to be as a mom. I am also grateful for that amazing photo of her singing into her curling iron. Inspiring.

She's the sweetest. She gave me a Mother's Day card this evening, and in it she included this quote:

"A mother's nurturing love arouses in children, from their earliest days on earth, an awakening of the memories of love and goodness they experienced in their premortal existence. Because our mothers love us, we learn, or more accurately remember, that God also loves us."
M. Russell Ballard (Ensign, March 2006)

This was my first Mother's Day being an actual mom (technically I still count last year, but now Fox is on the outside of me). The best part of today was that it didn't feel a ton different than any other day. Not to say today wasn't extra special; Camaron gave me an excellent laid-back, worry-free morning with delicious blueberry pancakes and a new printer (which I really, really wanted). What I mean to say is that I often feel love and support as a mom. That realization has lead me to recognize what a blessed mother I am. I am so grateful to have an amazing support system in Camaron and in all of our family who live close by. Motherhood can be very overwhelming and scary, but I am blessed to often hear words of encouragement, comfort, and love. Also, I am so grateful for Fox. My ability to love has grown a billion fold (give or take) since first laying eyes on him. And he's just so stinkin cute:)

Some may be anti-mother's day, but whatever. I love it and I love the opportunity it gives me to show a little extra recognition to what an amazing calling it is to be a mom -be it biological or otherwise.

Happy Mother's Day!


Mary, Branden, Carson, and Waldo

Mary has been one of my best friends since high school. She didn't judge me at girls camp when I ate the whole box of Starcrunch by myself, we did a Michael Jackson tribute dance together for a church talent show, and she was the first person I told we were going to be naming our baby Fox. She quickly confided in me that when she and Branden had a baby, they'd name him Hound (so that the two would inevitably become best friends, of course). Well, Mary and Branden are expecting in August (right around Fox's first birthday!), but it turns out they won't be naming their little cutie Hound. That's just fine with me though, because if their little guy, Carson, is anything like his parents, I know him and Fox will get along just fine:)

p.s. if you ever contemplate bringing your pet to a family photo shoot, do it. I was seriously cracking up through most of the shoot and through the whole time I was editing. Waldo is such a cute and funny dog. I'm so glad Mary and Branden brought him along.


Forever Growing Garden

Growing up, one of the first computer games we owned was called Forever Growing Garden. It was essentially what you'd expect; you bought seeds, planted them, watered them, waited for them to grow, and then harvested your garden. Contrary to my lame description, it was actually a pretty fun game. At least, I think it was. I know we were obsessed with it, so it probably was.

Anyway, prior to two weeks ago, that computer game was essentially the extent of my gardening experience. But look at me now! Sprouts! I'm a gardener! Camaron too! So far, we have corn, pumpkins, lettuce, basil, and a ton of different flowers starting to make appearances.

Crazy gardening story: When Cam and I first started prepping our backyard for planting, we began by wetting the soil and loosening and evening out the ground. I was fixing a little area by the fence when I noticed a softball-sized hole in the dirt. I could have sworn it hadn't been there 2 seconds ago. Weird. So I started to fill in the hole, when a clump of mud nearby hopped! Turns out, we had a HUGE toad/frog living in our backyard! Seriously, it was so big. Like, frisbee-size big. I screamed like a freak when it started moving around. Luckily, Camaron was braver than me and gave the muddy amphibian to a new home (in our neighbor's backyard). Get out, and stay out, Chomper! (yes, we named him)
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