I wish you woulda put yourself in my suitcase

The title for this post was originally going to be something like "a much-needed vacation," but that sounded so dramatic. And when is a vacation not-needed? Anyway, Fox and I just got home from the Jones Girl Annual Oceanside Trip (or JGAOT).

Truly, the only thing missing from this trip was Camaron. 

Oh, and frozen yogurt. 

Oh, and Jenny.
Being the only boy, Fox adapted very well. And very quickly ^^
This kid absolutely loved this trip. I'm not at all surprised that he loves the ocean -we've used ocean sounds to soothe him to sleep every night since he was a newborn. He also loved the sand (especially the taste). And he became obsessed with walks in his new stoller. The above ^^^ picture is not staged at all (seriously). Along with walks, Fox was also a fan of sitting outside on the chairs and waving at cars driving by and people walking their doggies.

p.s. The tides were really high the whole trip. And the beach was covered in rounded rocks from the ocean. It seemed very out of the ordinary, so I did some research. Turns out that crazy super moon was at it again!

p.p.s check out this sick super moon

p.p.s. my swimsuit is from Target online:)

Beach Time

One of my favorite summer traditions goes down tomorrow -Jones Girl's Annual Beach Trip!!! Every summer for the past 5 years or so, the girls in our family (my mom, sister, and me) all go to Oceanside, CA to relax at the beach for a few days. The other day, my mom was trying to explain our trip to some of her friends but she felt like she was making the trip sound not very exciting ...but that's the best part! We just go to the beach, read, eat, take pictures, beach, snack, read, eat, beach, and maybe go to a movie. The laid-back nature of the trip is what makes it so great. I love that we all understand that this is the plan ...except last year, when Mom didn't bring any snacks because she was trying to be healthy...and I was almost 8 months pregnant. Foolish woman.

This year, Fox is coming too! He's cool with himself being the only boy, don't worry. And he has been itching to get back to the beach ever since he got a little taste of it back in February. And no, he will not be wearing his beanie this time, he's got a legit beach hat now. Camaron and I have been prepping him this week by including his beach hat in his wardrobe the last few days -gotta get him used to having that thing on his bald, little head. And I know it would be breaking tradition, but I am determined to not get sunburned this year. Remember how ridiculous it was last year? I bought new sunscreen, and I know my time in the sun will be a lot shorter having Fox on the beach with us, so I have pretty high hopes for this year.

Now let's just hope Fox is down for a five hour nap once we load him in the car tomorrow morning...

swimsuit//Target online
book//On the Road
sunscreen//Say Yes to Cucumbers

Father's Day 2013

Yesterday was such a fun day. Lots of food, fun, and fathers. 
Here's the breakdown:

woke up at 6am -a miracle
made breakfast with Camaron's new waffle maker!
went to church on time! -miracle!
church, church, church
Fox took a 3-hour nap
We took a 3-hour nap
Visited my dad and grandpa
Visited Camaron's dad and Grandpa...

Cam's dad challenged us to feats of strength^^
Cam's dad channeled Mitt Romney^^

After visiting our families, we headed home. Next would come Camaron's final Father's Day 2013 present ...the one I was soo excited for. Camaron came home to a surprise pillow fort in our living room:) Complete with a giant cookie, Fox going right to bed, and a movie all cued up. It was the BEST (and I'm not just saying that because it was my idea). Basically, we decided that from now on, pillow forts will be standard for any celebration in our home.
Since it was Father's Day, Camaron pretty much got anything he asked for -except for us sleeping in the pillow fort that night. Naps are fine, but sleeping out there all night was a no (I saw a cockroach during construction, sooo...)
This was Camaron's first real Father's Day, and I loved seeing him having fun all day. And the best was that Fox and I had fun too!


Alone With a Baby

I've mentioned before that I work part-time. Just about every Monday through Saturday, I'm at the office from 10-2. Luckily, for the summer, Camaron doesn't start work until 3. So it usually works out that we can take turns taking care of Fox throughout the day -Camaron in the mornings, and me in the afternoons (and then family play time in the evenings). To me, this seemed like the best solution. I love the idea of Fox being with at least one of us always. A babysitter here and there, but mostly just us.

After a while though, I noticed I wasn't very happy. I was snappy and complaining a lot, and I was taking out the majority of my stress on Camaron. Often, my complaints consisted of me not being able to get anything done because Fox was having a rough time that day. Or I would be mad when Camaron came home late from work because I was so tired and had wanted a nap, but Fox didn't, or because Camaron had the car and I had really wanted to go somewhere.

Then, we did the best thing you can do in a situation where things just aren't working and not everyone's happy -Camaron and I sat down and talked it out. I had no idea how selfish I was being! I was oblivious for some reason. Hello? Camaron was spending just as much of his time everyday with Fox, and he was tired too, but he wasn't complaining or getting mad. Once we talked, it all became clear that time with Fox was just that, time with Fox. If he was being fussy, or not napping when I wanted him to be, or not letting me set anything down on the coffee table, who cares? He's being a baby -that's what they do. Projects, cleaning, and whatever else would just have to wait until either Camaron was home, or if Fox was asleep, or for when I had free time at work.

Ever since that talk, I've been more aware of how I am when I'm home alone with Fox. I've been putting in more effort to actually play with him instead of just watching him play. There's a lot more singing in our house than there was before. And I'm actually getting chores done -turns out, it's more fun doing laundry and dishes when Fox is there to help. Being alone with Fox is so much fun! I can't believe what I had been missing out on before.

Sometimes I forget that I need to be the one adjusting to motherhood -not me trying to make motherhood adjust to me.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. And how does he celebrate? By going to scout camp, of course. That wasn't exactly his first choice of venues to celebrate his big day -I know for a fact he'd rather be eating some free Joe's BBQ, rather than whatever food scouts eat (beans and weenies?). But, that's my dad; Always holding up to his responsibilities -a trait I truly admire.

Mom and Dad looking very ...early eighties.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and me (and technically Bethany). I'm the one whose cheeks are stuffed with Wheat Thins. I've always loved going camping with my family. I'm grateful to have a dad who loves the outdoors and loves adventures. He's always been a huge fan of Arizona Highways magazine, and we'd often visit new locations in Arizona according to pictures and articles that my dad was inspired by when reading. I truly have my dad to thank for my great love for this state. One time, we took our kayaks up to Potato Lake, AZ. It's a very secluded lake up in the pines. It took forever to get there, and then we all just started laughing when we pulled up. It was tiny!!! It really should have been called Potato Puddle. Even though the lake didn't quite fit my dad's expectations, we still had a lot of fun picnicking and kayaking in little circles.

I'm pretty sure I've written this story before, but it's a good one, and it's my blog, so...
When Camaron came over to pick me up for our first date, he was really nervous about meeting my dad. Somehow, he got the impression that my dad was a hardcore, no-nonsense-type business man, or something like that. So, when it was just me who answered the door at my parent's house, Camaron was relieved and a little surprised. I quickly explained that my dad was home, but he couldn't come to the door because he was making salsa with his shirt off. That's my dad:)

Happy birthday Dad! I know you won't see this until next week, and we all celebrated last night, but I still wanted you to know I'm thinking of you today! I hope the scouts riding with you in your truck like Pink Floyd and The Black Keys as much as you do:)

p.s. yes, my dad still rides a motorcycle
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