Challenge: Completed

Well, I finally got my act together and took my 30th self portrait today. 30 out of 30. I finished!!! You may have thought I gave up there for a little bit. I mean, I took #29 over a week and a half ago. I thought I gave up too. But, today it just happened. And man, does it feel good.

This challenge was such a blast. I loved having it as my daily creative outlet; trying to figure out how to photograph myself artistically (somewhat) each day. Thank you for all of the fun comments along the way too. I loved all of the support I received while I was working on these. Maybe I'll just have to do this again sometime?? Hmmmm

Did you have any favorites?

See my first batch of self portraits here
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check out more pics on my instagram: @picsoandrea

My name is Fox and I like to party.

"You know the baby's first birthday is really all about the mom, right?"
That's what the guy at Home Depot told Camaron when we were there buying wood to make the teepee for Fox's first birthday party. Yes, we built a teepee for the party. And yes, the Home Depot worker who helped us out was right. I tried to deny it, but he was right.

As much as I didn't want to be the cliche mom who has a huge party for a baby who won't even remember it, I was fighting a pointless battle. This is who I am. I NEED/LOVE creative outlets, and party planning just fits that niche all too well. The theme (of course there was a theme) was indians/tribal. Feathers, arrows and geometric designs = yes please 
(and I just really wanted to make a teepee). 

Confession time: Just when you thought I couldn't get any crazier when it came to my one-year-old's birthday party... well, we actually threw him two birthday parties.Yes, two. We knew for sure we would be celebrating his birthday with family, but Fox also has so many friends who were a big part of his first year -some even more than some of his family were. So we just couldn't celebrate Fox without inviting his friends too. And, maybe it's just us, but parties involving friends and family seem to always get weird really fast. It's pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved (again, maybe that's just us). Anyway, we had family over Sunday night, and then friends Monday night. It really wasn't two crazy. And it was really fun to keep the celebration going. 

In typical Stevenson party fashion, Camaron and I made a video trivia game. I wasn't sure how everyone would do with Native American trivia, so I decided to do it all about Fox's birth year instead. Remember good ole 2012? Let's see how you would do:

What birthday did Betty White celebrate in 2012?
Can you name/sing 3 Whitney Houston songs? 
McKayla is ___ ________. 
How many weeks pregnant was Andrea when she was at the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises?
Ok, now dance competition to Gangnam Style.

So, how'd you do?

 Seeing Fox have so much fun with those who love him was my favorite part of the madness. And as much as the parties were about Fox turning one, I really felt like we were celebrating the fun first year we've been able to have as a family of three. Thank you all who have made this year so great!!!

p.s. Of course Fox completely ignored the teepee. Oh well, it's ready to pop back up whenever he's feeling the need to wear a few feathers and shoot a few imaginary arrows:)

p.s.s. Sorry for mentioning "big news" a few weeks ago and then never filling you in. What a tease. Well, my one and only sister is ENGAGED!!!! to be MARRIED!!!! She finally posted it on Facebook, so now I'm allowed to tell the world. That it all:)

Fox, thank you for yesterday

Fox has a love-hate relationship with sleeping and napping. He loves to rest, but he also loves to play and be around his mom and dad (I like to think). Often, he puts up a little bit of a fight when being put him in his crib. We've learned to just let him cry it out, because he'll usually fall asleep within a few minutes. It's kind of sad though, because he sometimes panics a little if we go in his room and get too close to his crib -he automatically thinks we're putting him down for a nap or something (or worse, we're going to change his diaper).

I don't know if it's because he turns one on Monday or what, but yesterday he blew all of my notions of him out of the water when he basically put himself to bed! It was getting close to his bedtime and he was just playing in the front room with me. He started getting a little fussy, but I figured I'd wait a little longer because it wasn't quite bedtime yet. Fox was apparently sick of waiting though, because he up and crawled away from me and into his room and then paused in front of his crib. He looked over at me as if to say, "put me to bed already, dangit!" So I did and he went right to sleep. Didn't fight it at all.

Is this a new thing, Fox? Same time, same place tonight? Cool.


Self Portraits // Over Halfway There!

I just posted my 20th(!!!) self portrait on Instagram.
Oh my goodness, 30 is a lot of pictures of yourself -especially when I am trying to make each one unique (some a little too unique?)

The most physically-demanding (who knew this challenge would be physically-demanding??) by far was the one of me in the red tights jumping on the bed. Luckily, it's also one of my favorites. I had to maneuver and re-maneuver the dang camera a billion times. FYI the camera was on the floor in the hallway positioned by some towels. And then I'd set the timer to take 10 shots and I would then quickly run into the bedroom, climb on the bed, and then start jumping and spinning at the same time -all the while avoiding hitting the low ceiling and/or falling off the bed. Have you ever tried jumping and spinning at the same time? Your equilibrium will do weird things, let me tell you. Then I'd jump off the bed to go check the camera only to find out I had been jumping in the wrong spot, was completely out of focus, or my dress had flipped up. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

see the rest on my Instagram @picsoandrea

P.S. I have BIG news!!! But someone won't let me share it yet, dangit!

Sedona // Slide Rock

It's always tempting to go up north every weekend of an Arizona summer (more like everyday?). And this past weekend, opportunity presented itself in the form of two of Camaron's cousins visiting from out of state. They wanted to have some fun, and we all had the day off, so off to Slide Rock in Sedona we went.

The weather was soooo nice. And it's always fun to explore different parts of our home state that we don't get to see as often as we'd like. We didn't pack Fox's swimsuit, because we figured he wouldn't be getting in the water since it was so cold -and the natural slide is definitely not baby friendly. Turns out, cold water doesn't phase this kid. He let him splash in that puddle until his diaper practically absorbed the whole thing (seriously, it weighed like 10 pounds when we changed him afterwards).

P.S. remember last time we went to Slide Rock? And I edited all of the pictures insanely dark??

p.s.s. I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but Fox is by far the most photogenic in our family. Please ignore my odd posing and Camaron's Wolverine hair in that last picture. Or, better yet, envy it.



I didn't blog at all this week. Who am I? I love writing and sharing pictures, so what am I thinking? I swear I'll make it up to you (not really sure who I'm talking to). I just know I don't want to make this a habit -this whole missing-a-whole-week-of-blogging-thing. No thanks.

It's not like I haven't been doing anything. I've actually been doing a lot (which might be why I didn't find time to blog). Here's a little preview of the fun we had today:)

More actual posts coming soon (I promise!)
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