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When you go past your due date

Well, being four days "overdue" isn't the worst thing ever, I guess. There are a lot of ways it could be worse, and I know there are plenty of women who have had a much rougher time than I have. And technically, due dates are just estimates anyway (Apparently, I'm trying to keep things positive over here). But it's still not very fun. I've basically been drinking raspberry leaf tea like it's nobody's business and bouncing on an exercise ball every chance I get. And taking walks. And swimming. And bouncing some more. I'm basically just living it up over here until baby decides it's go time.

Not having the baby this weekend was kinda nice though. Camaron had taken Friday off of work "just in case," so we got to have a three day weekend with him:) And that's about where my positive spin on the situation ends. I'm so stinkin' anxious to meet this baby and find out the gender! C'mon little baby! Sometimes I feel like I've been waiting so long that it might just never happen. I can't imagine not being pregnant anymore. Then other times I feel like a time bomb. Just ticking away, ready to burst at any moment. See, that was the nice thing about having a due date -I had a day to aim for, that I was counting down towards. But now, who knows?

Any labor inducing advice? Send all your positive, quick labor vibes my way, please.

Last week as a family of three // Freaking out

Disclaimer: this post may or may not be a rambling, panic-stricken mess. You've been warned.
My due date is this Friday, so I'm starting to freak out a little lot that new little baby could come any day now. I was doing so well for so long, but now the irrational, worried me is kicking in. Last night, I kept waking up, mostly to go to the bathroom (normal pregnancy stuff), but also because I thought labor might be starting. I just don't feel ready yet. But what else do you do to prepare? I don't think you can ever feel fully ready. Ughhh, why is change so hard for me??? Having to face unknowns just isn't one of my strong suits.

Big Worry #1: I have already been struggling a lot with being home alone all day with Fox. With it being so hot outside and Camaron having the car 4 days a week, we're usually trapped indoors all day (not good for me), and this pregnancy drains most of my energy by 11am (not good for Fox), so how am I supposed to do this with a newborn thrown in the mix???

Big Worry #2: I'm planning to labor naturally this time. I know that was the plan last time, but I've worked a lot harder to prepare this time, and I feel like I have a lot more motivation. And I have felt confident in myself and my body ...up until this week. As much as I avoid thinking about the pain I may be facing, the topic somehow keeps coming up ...and it's making me lose some of the confidence I had been working so hard to keep. Come back! I need to know I can do this!

Big Worry #3: I have always been an emotional mess. And pregnancy hormones may or may not exemplify that. It's hard to tell if it's just me, or if it's worse because of the pregnancy. I keep hoping and telling myself and others that I'll be much better once I'm not pregnant anymore. But what if I'm not? It's hard to imagine my mind magically changing once I've given birth.

I could keep going, but I'll stop. I'm stuck in the worst-case-scenario mode of thinking right now. Tomorrow I'll probably feel fine about everything I just listed. Sometimes, I just need to get things out. Also, I haven't had any chocolate today ...and that usually fixes these sorts of things.

Testing Out the Contour Camera

While we were getting ready to head to the pool on Saturday, Camaron mentioned that we should bring the Contour camera. It's the coolest little HD video camera that Cam gave me for Mother's Day. I had been wanting to bust it out ever since I got it, but I never felt like we were doing anything action-y enough to film. And since it came with a waterproof case, testing it out at the pool sounded like a fun idea. As you'll see in the video, we basically just handed the camera over to my cousin's boys and let them go to town filming in the pool. The test was definitely a fun learning experience, I can't wait to take the camera out swimming again! Who else is down?

p.s. if you pay careful attention, you'll see me in the background looking really cool standing around taking photos ;)


Father and Son At the Pool

On Saturday, we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, good food, and family at my aunt and uncle's house in Mesa. We had a blast. Especially Fox. He didn't even mind the rowdy cousins who splashed a lot -he actually loved it! Camaron won the diving contest, I won the most-pregnant contest, and my dad won the most-white contest:)

I originally dismissed the idea of going swimming. 39 weeks pregnant and putting on a swimsuit just didn't sound incredibly appealing to me. But Camaron pointed out that swimming is like all pregnant ladies' favorite way to stay active. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was swim. To be able to move around without feeling so pregnant just sounded so nice. And I knew I'd want to play with Fox in the water. Somehow, my swimsuit still fit, so I was in! And no, I didn't actually jump off the diving board^^^

The food was awesome, as was the company. I'm thankful to have fun people nearby who plan and invite us to fun things. And we're even related!

In other awesome news ...check out Fox's hair! It did it all on its own.


Father's Day and a New Blog Design

Father's Day this year was a good one -I loved it, and I'm not even a father! It was so nice to spend the day with some great dads and eat some great food and get a great nap:) I'm so grateful that I not only lucked out with a wonderful husband, but he's blown my expectations away as he has taken on the role of "daddy" (and those expectations were already pretty high). Prime example: the above photo. It's his day and his cake, but he's sharing it with little Fox:) Thanks for being such an amazing, fun, happy, thoughtful, patient, hardworking dad, Camaron!

Oh, and you may have noticed, the blog just got a new look! Lucky you for being one of the first to grace its presence. 10 points to whoever finds the most glitches. Ready, set, go!


Will it be a boy or a girl?

With only about 2 weeks left until the due date, I figured it's about time I let you put in your guess. The winner gets something awesome, so don't take this guessing business too lightly. Or do take it lightly. Do whatever you like, just let me know your guess!

Boy or girl??? free polls 

Here is a little info that may help in making your guess:
I was a lot sicker during this pregnancy than I was with Fox
Overall, I'm pretty sure this pregnancy has been more rough than the last one
I've been craving a lot more sugar this time around
I've gained the same amount of weight as last time
I have no idea if I'm carrying high or low. How do you tell?
This time, my hair can go about a week without washing and still look decent (tmi?)
I have more energy during this 3rd trimester than I did in my 3rd trimester with Fox
The Chinese calendar says boy

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