A Baby Shower After the Baby Has Already Been Born

My sweet friends Jenny and Natalie threw Sloane and I a little party this weekend. Of course they are the most talented party throwers ever, so everything was amazing and it was the most fun I have had in a long time. Seriously, this baby shower rivaled Fox's, and that is a pretty big deal.
The decorations were perfect and the food was amazing, and it was so great having so many of my favorite people all together in one place. And Sloane is so excited for all of the cutie gifts she received. We both definitely felt spoiled:)
Even though she was sleeping for 95% of the party, this little girl loved every minute of it;)
Matchy matchy stripes ^^^ 
Thank you everyone who was able to come! And thank you to Jenny and Natalie for being so wonderful! Throw a party for me anytime! Ha!



1 & 2 //Fox and Sloane's relationship has finally begun to blossom. No more ignoring the new baby. Their bond has grown especially tighter since Sloane began using a pacifier yesterday. Fox is a "fier" pro, so he loves to make sure she always has hers handy. And a couple days ago, I mentioned to Camaron how I was a little bummed that Fox wasn't much of a fan of Sloane yet, because I thought pictures of little kiddos holding their newborn siblings were so cute -but Fox definitely wasn't down for that. What a pleasant surprise it was to get that second photo in a text from Camaron the other day. Yay siblings!!!

3 //A couple weeks ago, Cam was out of town for 5 days filming a wedding in Portland. The kids and I stayed with my parents while he was away. It made the time without Daddy a little easier. The blueberry pancakes were especially helped. It was a good little preview of the next few weeks; As part of our prep for the big DC move next month, we'll be moving out of our current rental and in with my parents a week from today. We'll just be staying there for a few weeks before we head out east.

4 //I just can't get enough of this cutie face ...especially when it's coupled with a little bit of bedhead.

5 // Forget the food and atmosphere, Fox's favorite part of going out to eat on Wednesday night was playing in the dirt. Simple needs.

6 //In true sisterly-fashion, Bethany and I were matchy- matchy for our lil brudder's birthday dinner at Joe's Farm Grill.

7 //Love Sloane's little post-bath fro

8 //and why is this face so funny? Cam and I cracked up when we say it on the camera's display screen:)

Weekend in Sedona

// Camaron had a wedding to film in Sedona over the weekend, 
so Sloane and I tagged along to have a break from the hot valley weather 
...and we would have missed Camaron too much:)

// Everywhere you look in Sedona, the view is amazing

// While Cam was filming the wedding, Sloane and I adventured around up the canyon

// Visiting Tlaquepaque
(I spelled that right on my first try!)

// Broke in my new baby wrap. Love it. Get one. Now. Why was I afraid of these for so long? 

p.s. Fox stayed at Grandma's house while we were away:)

Off the Charts

Sloane had her 2 week checkup this week (at 3 weeks), and I was blown away. For weight, she's in the 90th percentile. For height, she is off the chart. And her head circumference is in the 98th percentile. Ummm, whose kid is this? Fox has always been in the lower percentages. Remember how he and her are so similar, well it looks like people are going to start thinking they're twins if she keeps growing like this:)

p.s. We're going on a little trip this weekend. I am so excited to get away to cooler weather. You seriously have no idea how jealous I've been of all of the camping pictures up in the mountains that everyone has been posting all summer. Hands down, that was the hardest part of being super pregnant all summer. Yay for vacation!

Choosing A Name

When it comes to picking baby names, Camaron and I are the worst. Well, mostly just me. Wait, I guess I should clarify myself; I'm the worst when it comes to deciding on BOY names. We had the name Sloane picked out for a girl before I was even pregnant with Fox.

I was looking at pictures of baby nurseries online one night, when we were still living in Provo, and came across a really cute one that had the baby's name framed above the crib. The name in the frame was Sloane. Of course I immediately thought of Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I've seen that movie ...well, a lot. And remember that time I was Sloane for Halloween ...twice? I had never thought of using that name for a future child though. But once I considered it, I fell in love with it. Camaron was on board right away too.

Picking Sloane's middle name was all Camaron. He told me one night, a few weeks before Sloane was born, that he had thought of another girl name that he really liked. "Maggie." I really liked it too, and I loved that Camaron picked it all on his own. I asked if it would be short for anything. "Margaret," Camaron said. Loved it.

When the baby was born and Camaron announced that it was a girl, we knew right away that she was Sloane. And we kept Margaret by using it as her middle name. And she's great.


A Fourth with Fireworks

The Fourth of July just isn't the same without fireworks, but we knew we wouldn't be able to go out and see any shows this year with Sloane only being one week old. Luckily, with a fireworks stand set up just outside our neighborhood, we were able to meet our pyrotechnics quota for the night by having our own little show in our backyard. Camaron swung by the stand while Fox was napping and bought a few little fireworks that came highly recommended as not being too scary for a two-year-old:)

We started off the evening's festivities with burgers from Joe's Farm Grill, because grilled food must be consumed on the Fourth. We then watched the ever-classic film Good Burger to celebrate our independence. Afterwards, we headed out back and threw poppers everywhere. Fox was a HUGE fan of this. Kid loved the poppers. Next, we lit some weak smoke bombs. They seriously lasted maybe 17 seconds. So weak, but pretty while they lasted. Fox had a lot of fun with these too did Camaron (as evidenced above). It was still too light out to set off the bigger fireworks, so we went inside to eat some snacks and wait for the sun to set more. Fox was not happy about this ...which actually made us happy, knowing he was having so much fun and didn't want a break from it.

Eventually, it became dark and we were able to enjoy the rest of our little fireworks show. It was such a great, relaxing day. I love when we get to celebrate holidays and make new memories with just our little family. 

p.s. Sloane slept through basically all of this.

His New Little Sister

I can't even tell you how many times I was asked, while pregnant, how I thought Fox would handle getting a sibling. To me, it's a silly question because ...well, who knows?! And second, I knew that no matter how he reacted at first, Fox and his new brother or sister would eventually be best little friends, so I chose to focus on that instead.

When Fox first met Sloane, in the hospital room hours after she was born, I don't even know if he knew she was in the room. He was in a new environment and both of our families were there, so of course he just acted like a puppy the whole time and barked, then demanded someone take him exploring:) Over the last week though, Fox has definitely become aware of "baby." He called her "Doane" the first day we were all home, but now he just refers to her as "baby." I took Sloane to her first doctor appointment on Monday, and after we left, Camaron observed Fox searching from room to room. Then he held his hands up to his cheeks and began calling out, "mom?" and "Where'd they go?" over and over. I think that was the first time he quit ignoring us since we got back from the hospital (yay!). And now he always wants to help with her. The other day, I had Sloane on the couch with me; Fox saw this and quickly went into our bedroom and pushed Sloane's little bed out to the living room where we were so she could go in it if needed:) And I found Fox's favorite Mickey Mouse toy in her bed one day, hidden in the blanket where he had placed it for her.

Fox even sometimes tries to pick up Sloane for us when he knows we're about to go grab her. It's so funny and cute. He doesn't actually pick her up, he just holds out his arms and gets close to her. I sometimes get worried he might unintentionally become too rough with her, but I don't want to completely ban him from touching her, so we taught Fox how to tickle her feet. I love seeing him walk up to her and then wiggle his fingers by her and say "tickle tickle!" He also gives her plenty of kisses -for some reason, he's only comfortable with giving her air-kisses for now, but it's a start.

p.s. whenever someone asks who we think Sloane looks most like, Camaron and I can't help but respond, "Fox."
Sloane is on the right. And they act the same too. And I love it.

That One Time When Camaron Live-tweeted My Labor

When I started having contractions last Wednesday night, Camaron asked my permission to live-tweet the excitement. I knew how much he loved live-tweeting big, important events (ask him about live-tweeting Superman III), so of course I said I didn't mind at all. He had announced his endeavor on facebook, inviting anyone who wanted to join in and "be a part of the adventure." Thank you to all who followed along and commented throughout the evening/morning -it made a pretty exciting event even more exciting and fun:) 

I know some of our friends don't have Twitter accounts (?!?!), but I decided to not leave you wondering for the rest of your life, "Whatever happened on the Twitter that night??" So without further ado, I give you my live-tweeted labor:

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