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Finishing up birthday week/month/whatever

We had the big family party to celebrate Fox's birthday last night. It was so much fun and so great to have one last get-together with everyone before Fox, Sloane, and I leave to join Camaron in D.C. this Wednesday (THIS Wednesday! finally!). There were a ton of really good food and desserts -thank you everyone who helped make that dinner so delicious. I made the cookie cake based on this recipe. Have I ever mentioned how much I'm obsessed with cookies? Luckily, Fox is too! Or is that not lucky? :) 

Cute moment: when I was making the cake the night before, Fox asked what I was doing (his current favorite question). I told him I was making a cake. His response: "A cake?! Thank you!!!"
Since Camaron couldn't be there for the party, I gave him the party's play-by-play over text throughout the evening. It almost made it as fun as if he had actually been there (I'm totally lying. But it was still fun). Before the party started, we had made guesses as to how the evening would go down and what our family members would probably do and say throughout the night. Camaron even made it a drinking game with his Shaq cream soda. Just enough things played out as predicted that Camaron finished that huge soda ...and then some. Next time, we're making bingo cards.

With the trip to BounceU, then celebrating with free food on his actual birthday, and then having the family party, Fox's birthday really did turn into a birthday month. Lucky kid. Yay for two! You're already rocking it, Fox.

How Fox Celebrated his Second Birthday

Fox began his birthday by waking up at 5:30 am ...for some reason. Luckily he went back to bed and then woke up for real a few hours earlier and began his celebrations by watching Curious George. Then we enjoyed some toast together. Fox then commenced his favorite activity: going outside to play. Kiddo was greatly blessed this year, as it rained a ton on his birthday, so he was able to enjoy being outside without being accompanied by energy-scorching sun rays. Then we made a birthday hat to make everything more official. Fox colored, I cut out, taped, and pom-pom'd. Playing, eating, and napping filled the rest of this birthday morn. After an awesomely-long nap, this new two-year-old then went out to claim some free birthday yummies. We all headed out and engorged ourselves on 2/3 of Gilbert's infamous birthday trifecta (Joe's BBQ and Liberty Market. We ran out of time for Joe's Farm Grill, unfortunately).

Sidenote: If your birthday lands on a Tuesday this year (or even if it's not your birthday), go on and get yourself to Liberty Market for #dossanttuesday. Donut + croissant = dossant (aka cronut). Today's flavor was maple butterscotch candied bacon. My life has changed. For the best.

Ok, back to birthday bizz. Birthday boy finished his big day with a loooong walk around the neighborhood (with Grandpa and Bowski in tow). This included plenty of encounters with puddles, rocks, and pinecones. And of course there was a fun FaceTime session with daddy, who's in DC right now. Then off to bed to dream of more birthday festivities to come; He still has has his big family party this weekend. Lucky kid and his never-ending birthday:)

Two Years Old

Happy birthday Fox! I can't believe you're two! These past two years have been so much fun with you in our family. You have always been such a happy little boy, always smiling and giggling. It seems like you just keep getting more fun/funny with each new day. Probably the most-used phrase in our house the past year or so has been "Fox is so funny!"  I even catch you saying it sometimes, "I funny!" You definitely keep us entertained. And what an amazing big brother you've quickly become. You have always been very gentle around baby Sloane. You are very concerned when you hear her crying. And I often find your toys in her little bed, because you're so willing to share with her. We sure love your adventurous spirit -you would play outside all day long if we let you (and we'd let you too, if it wasn't so dang hot here so often). I am so happy to be your mom and recognize what a blessing you are to our family everyday. 

I love you, buddy


Sloane's Baby Blessing

Monday night was a special one at my parents' home this week. We had a few of the people who love Sloane most come over, enjoy treats, and participate in her baby blessing. These blessings usually are performed during Sunday church meetings, but because we are between moving and are living at my parent's house, and our official records are technically still at our old ward, and Camaron was leaving in two days, it was a special circumstance. 

Sloane was calm and relaxed during the blessing, Fox sat on my lap, and I cried the whole time (just like I did when Fox received his blessing). The spirit was there and it was a special evening.

Sloane's Dress: Zara, Headband: Made by me, Quilt: My great grandmother made it

A Bounce Day at BounceU

Fox's birthday is next week ...but Camaron just left for DC today:( We wanted to make sure we did some celebrating while Cam was still here, so the other day we hit up BounceU to have some birthday fun with Fox. BounceU is a huge indoor play place full of different inflatables to play in and on. Basically, a building full of bouncy castles! We grabbed a couple of Fox's pals and bounced our faces off. Fox's favorite part, by far, was the air-blower in the first picture that could hold up balls so you could swing at them. My favorite part was that huge spiderweb tower. Not. It was the worst. I thought it was made of trampoline strips, but they were really much more like spandex strips. They were so stretchy and hard to climb. I was stuck in there for way too long. Jenny was right, it seriously should have been an obstacle on American Gladiators. Happy birthday week, Fox!

Six Weeks in a Wrap

 photo solly-baby-wrap-.jpg

You see what I did there in the title? Oh the cleverness of me.

Alright, at six weeks, Sloane is just wonderful. With the exception of a day or two, she has been napping like a champ and only has around two wake-ups a night (high five, Sloane!). This girl is a champion eater. And with that, she is a champion grower. She quickly grew out of her newborn clothes and has moved on to size 3 months. This saddens me as she has some newborn outfits she never even got to wear! Fingers crossed I can exchange them for bigger sizes -cause they're dang cute outfits. Also, I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but this little girl can hold her head up all on her own now (not too surprising, since she's been working on it since birth -always lifting her head to look around). Another milestone not too uncommon with babies this age, Sloane started developing baby acne all over her face around a week ago. Sad face. But it's almost all cleared up now (yay!). Silly newborn hormones. My favorite part of this age is that she has started giving big smiles (not just tiny smirks) and it's the best. Sure, it usually occurs when I change her diaper, but it's still the best. It happened with Fox, and it's happening again: this little cutie just keeps getting better and better and we're loving her more and more each day. Rock on, little Sloane Maggie:)

Sloane was a little camera shy in the above photos, so here's this one ...because I just love that little face.

p.s. the wrap I use is from Solly Baby ...and I loooooove it. the end.

Moved Out

Empty walls, rooms, and cupboards.
Moving day was such a strange day. It seemed to come out of nowhere and lasted way longer than anticipated. I'm so grateful for all of those that helped us. And I'm so glad it's finally over. Packing, loading cars and trucks, making back-and-forth trips between our house and our parents' (who are so super nice to let us store basically all of our things in their extra space while we're in DC), and then cleaning. Somehow it all finally got done.

Most of it is pretty much a blur. A hot, sweaty blur. But I do remember so clearly when I finally felt sad about leaving our little house. It was right after our neighbors came and picked up our carpet to use in their house (it's just a big piece of carpet, not installed. All of the houses here are just tile floors). After they rolled up and carried away the carpet we had bought and laid down right as Fox was just beginning to crawl, I began sweeping where it had been. And that's when I saw the pine needles. They were from our fake Christmas tree. I was suddenly hit with a wave of emotion. This was the house where we had our first Christmases with Fox. Little baby Fox. This was the home we brought him home from the hospital to. And then Sloane. This was our first family home. I never thought of myself as having attachments to things like this, but this was probably as close as I had ever come.

Even with the little feelings of sadness though came great feelings of excitement. I'm so excited for our little DC adventure (Cam leaves this week, and then the rest of us ten days after). I'm excited for the memories we'll make there and then in the home we move into after Camaron's internship. Definitely not excited for the moving, but the memories-to-be-made sure soften the blow.
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