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Another G-rated Birth Story // as told by mom and dad

Birth stories are interesting. I can understand why some may never want to read one and would completely avoid it. Before ever being pregnant, I pretty much felt that way. I never felt comfortable with birth or its details. But once I was pregnant, I found so much comfort in reading the experiences of others. It helped prepare me in so many ways and I am so grateful for so many women for being so open with their experiences. Knowing how much the birth stories of others helped me, I would feel silly not sharing my own experience. So, even though it's over two months late, here is the story of Sloane's birth. And I decided to do it similar to Fox's story, featuring both mine and Camaron's points of view:)  
***more pictures at the end. I won't be offended if you just skip to them

text = Andrea
text = Camaron

Since Fox was born a few days early, I planned for the same thing to happen with Sloane. Andrea was due on a Monday, so I expected her to be born the weekend before. I took off work, and my coworkers were all excited, and then BAM! Nothing happened. She didn't even have contractions or anything! SO I went back to work, everyone began questioning if I even had a pregnant wife, and life went on. 

The night my labor started (6/25/14), we were watching Seinfeld and I was bouncing on an exercise ball, religiously drinking my raspberry leaf tea. I had had my last doctor’s appointment that afternoon and had gone for the membrane sweep this time. My doctor had offered it the last couple appointments, but I figured there was no need since Fox came early and I was already having a lot of progress with this baby. I ended up going five days past my due date, so I was up for trying anything (no matter how many times you tell yourself that due dates are just estimates, it’s still a little panicky to go over).

So I get home from work on Wednesday and Andrea's bouncing on an exercise ball. After a little while she started having minor little contractions, which was a good sign. I had been toying around with the idea of live-Tweeting the birth, because 1) it would be an interesting way to look back at the birth, and 2) I could type out all the funny things I was thinking that would annoy a pregnant woman. Seriously, I had some real zingers during Fox's birth, and didn't want them to go to waste again.

I didn’t even notice contractions had started really. It was around eight at night, and I had felt kinda crampy ever since my doctor appointment, but then I noticed the crampy feeling had become more rhythmic. It would come, fade away, and then come back a little while later. I started timing them with a contractions app I had and sure enough, these were real. I was so happy.

We finished packing our bag (because of course we waited until the contractions started to pack the bag), put everything in the car, and just kind of hung out and watched Seinfeld. Eventually the contractions died down and we went to bed.

I woke up around two or three. I just laid there for a while and began to notice the contractions were back. I laid there until they started to hurt. Then I drew a bath, got in, and simply relaxed, pouring the hot water over my pregnant belly each time a contraction came. This really helped so much. I think I did this for around an hour and I was able to easily make it through each contraction that came. It really made a water birth seem appealing. Eventually, around four am, the contractions were getting pretty close together (5 minutes or less), so I called my mom to have her come over so she could stay with Fox -he was still sleeping. Then I texted Cam in the other room to let him know it was close to go time (he was still asleep. I didn’t want to wake him until I needed to). 

I was woken up around 4am to an empty bed and a ringing phone. Andrea had apparently woken up and gotten all contraction-y, so she had gone to the bathroom or something. She called her mom to come sleep at our house so Fox could stay sleeping, and then when her mom got there, called me to wake me up (Side-note: isn't that so nice that she let me sleep until the last possible minute? I think that was really nice). So I got up, got dressed, and grabbed the last few items to put in the car. When I got outside I found out that I had left the trunk door to our car open, which had me a little worried that the battery might've been drained, meaning I would have to deliver this baby (or, you know, we'd take her mom's car, or something). I didn't tell Andrea right away because I value my life, and instead went inside and talked casually with her mom so everything seemed cool. Andrea was pretty focused on the pain of her body trying to expel a human being from within, which worked out great for me. I grabbed the keys and the car turned on! Just to be safe, I told Andrea not to check her Twitter until after the baby was born. No need for unnecessary stress, right?

My mom arrived, we grabbed our bag, I had to pause a bunch because the contractions were pretty strong. I didn’t eat anything that morning before we left, but I did drink a Powerade. And I don’t remember what it was, but I know I had a huge dinner the night before. I remember this because, when I later threw up, I remember thinking, "I’m so glad my body digested that huge dinner and all that is coming out right now is just Powerade.”

We get to the hospital around 5am, and we get in pretty quickly. Andrea gets hooked up to some machine where they verify that she is in fact having contractions (she was). They then took us into the next room. 

My original plan was to just lose myself in my calming music and hypnobirthing tracks on my iphone, but I didn’t want to miss out on anything happening around me, I was just too curious, so I only had the headphones on until we got to the hospital. I paused against the car while we were in the parking lot and waited for the contraction to pass, then we made a break for it to the hospital entrance doors. Right before getting there though, I had to pause again. This was where the throwing up occurred. Right in the pretty plants next to the entrance. We were admitted pretty quickly, and breezed through triage since this was real labor, people. They asked if I wanted the wheelchair to get to the delivery room (the last room at the very end of the hall). I said no, because I knew walking would help speed things along. I waiting until a contraction passed, then made the break for it to the delivery room -the contractions were incredibly strong and I couldn’t walk, and could barely stand whenever they would occur at this point. Halfway down the hall, I had to pause again and wait another one out.

sidenote: I had been planning for a natural birth this whole pregnancy and had worked really hard to prepare my body. I exercised as much as I could, avoided getting too comfortable while watching TV (I had read that sitting up straight on hard surfaces would help prepare me better), I had done hundreds of kegals every day for months, I had taken a class, I had read numerous books, done special muscle-strengthening exercises. The goal of having a smooth delivery and quick recovery were what really pushed me. I really wanted to avoid all of the downtime and pain I experienced after Fox’s birth. I knew I needed to bounce back fast to help take care of both kids.

In the delivery room, we were left alone. This was nice, but also not so nice. We were able to be just the two of us, but there was no one there to ask questions ...let alone alert if a baby suddenly came out of me. I began feeling nauseous again. And my mouth was the dryest I think I’ve ever experienced -lots of heavy breathing going on. So I had Cam grab a nurse for a throw up bag and some ice chips (sidenote: we did bring a barf bowl in the car with us again, but we left it in the car this time). Eventually, I found myself in the bathroom. Why is it that sitting on a toilet can just be so comfortable? I was in so much pain and was shaking a lot. I was at the breaking point. I had held out this whole time and had worked as hard as I could, but the thought came to me, “I need an epidural.” Probably one contraction later, I told Camaron, “I think I want an epidural, I’ve really been thinking about it for a while now.” Being the great birth partner that he is, Camaron told me, “let’s wait ten more minutes, then let me know if you feel the same.” The time passed and we decided to do the epidural. I think my shaking was really freaking Cam out.

And then Sloane was born about twenty minutes later. At 7:21am.

Andrea wanted to try and give birth naturally again, and this time I had prepared to help her. Together, she was able to hold off taking any drugs for a really long time, and held off long enough that the drugs didn't have a negative impact on her recovery time. Her goal was a quick recovery time, and she got it, so I feel like we were pretty successful in that regard.

It felt like it took forever for the epidural. First the nurse could not stick me right to draw my blood (which apparently they needed before they could even call the anesthesiologist). She kept apologizing, but needles don’t really bother me, so in my head I was yelling at her to quit apologizing and just shut up and get it over with so I could get the drugs. I kinda wish I had said it out loud now, so Sloane would be more entertained when I tell her this story some day. Eventually, needles found their place, blood was drawn, and the anesthesiologist came in and started getting me ready for the epidural. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, legs hanging over one side. The bed was raised really high and they asked me to scoot further forward, lean over, but not hold onto the bed. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I was going to fall off the bed if I scooted any further forward. Finally, I just did it (and had Cam held onto me just in case). It was at that moment that my water broke. Over the side of the bed and onto the floor. They broke my water for me last time, so this was incredibly exciting to experience it happening on its own. And to have Camaron’s shoes experience it right there with me. Right after, the epidural was placed, but it seriously felt like so long before I could feel it working.

Right before the doctor arrived, when we knew the baby was coming really soon, Camaron asked me what my last prediction was. Right then, I suddenly pictured her. I told him I felt like it would be a girl, and she had a lot of hair. Camaron felt like it would be a boy.

All this had happened by around 7am, then the doctor came in and the fun really started! The bed transformed into this stirrup-wielding baby deliverer, Andrea was much calmer, and we were all really excited to find out if we had a little boy or girl. The first thing I noticed was the hair. So much hair! This baby already had a bigger mop than Fox! The baby slid out pretty quickly (nice work Andrea), and after the doctor's arm got our of the way, I saw that it was a girl. A girl! And she was cute and happy and it was great. Then Andrea ordered a gigantic breakfast, and that was great too.

It went so smooth. The doctor got there in time. The epidural was weak enough that I could feel myself pushing and had enough energy to do it. I only had to push through two contractions. And then the baby came. Camaron was the one to announce, “It’s a girl!” She was immediately placed on me and I just loved this little girl right away.


  1. I can't believe this has no comments. So pretty, exciting, nerve wracking. My husband and I are thinking about trying for our first baby, and even though I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, reading stories like this actually gets me excited.

  2. Anaely, it really is so exciting. There are plenty of reasons to be scared or nervous about childbirth -it seems like so many people love sharing their birth horror stories- but I wanted to share that it often isn't scary. It's awesome! Oh that's so fun to start thinking about having kids:)

  3. That is precious... love your different view points :)

  4. She is absolutely precious!!!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Anybody reading this should go back and read Camaron's tweets. Andrea posted them in early July. They really round out this whole wonderful event.


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