Capt'n Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween!!! I'll post about our official Halloween night adventures on Monday (spoiler: our street throws a block party). For now though, I'll go ahead and fill you in on our church trunk-or-treat that we went to last weekend. **I've gotten a little behind on blogging because my computer is on the fritz right now. Please pray it will heal quickly. I'm using Camaron's laptop for the time being. Huge props to me for backing up my whole everything last week!!!** Ok, back to trunk-or-treat. I had no idea what we were gonna do costume-wise this year. I love being creative and making costumes, but I didn't pack any of my craft supplies or sewing machine when we moved out here. So, I was at a loss. Then, inspiration struck one night when I saw a picture online of a little boy dressed like a superhero. I could do that! I could make that work! So I ordered some felt online (there are zero fabric stores in DC, believe it or not) and busted out the needle and thread from the sewing kit I luckily packed and went to work. Quicker than I imagined, I had two little matching superheroes on my hands. 

Camaron had to work late, so it was just us three. I was majorly lame and didn't dress up -I was too stressed about going to an activity by myself where I didn't know anyone to try and come up with something. So we walked over to the church building and began the candy-getting ritual. Fox did so great! I was so proud of him going from car trunk to car trunk saying "tricky treat!" And Sloane was happy the whole time, so that was a huge plus. I can't wait to get these two dressed up again for tonight. Holidays with these kiddos are just my favorite.


Georgetown, cupcakes, and a new stroller

This weekend, we finally ventured over to Georgetown. I've been wanting to go ever since we got to DC, so it was pretty exciting for me. It's such a pretty neighborhood -all that brick! We quickly realized though, that it probably wasn't the best idea for us to visit on a Saturday night. It was so crowded and busy all over. We ate at Good Stuff Eatery, which was amazing. Their salted caramel shake? Do it. Do it now. Then, of course we planned to stop by Georgetown Cupcake while we were there. How could we not? As we walked up to the bakery, we found that the line of customers resembled that of a line of fans waiting to get into a Harry Potter midnight showing (sans costumes). It was ridiculous, but I was still tempted to hop on in. We decided those cupcakes would be just as good on a weekday in the future when we wouldn't have to wait in such a long line. We walked over to Baked and Wired instead because we had heard their cupcakes were awesome too. Unfortunately, someone else must have read about their awesome cupcakes, because their line was just about as long as the other bakery's. We knew there was also a Sprinkles in Georgetown, but we have one at home in Scottsdale (and we try to avoid things we could do/get at home), so we just decided to head home. It was getting close to someone's bedtime anyway.

Oh! I almost forgot. We bought an umbrella stroller for Fox -and we brought it on the bus and metro with us and it made the night of walking so much nicer! ...until around the last hour. That was when he decided he did not want to ride in the stroller anymore. He wanted to push it. This led to a major freakout when I took control of the stroller when we got on the metro. And pushing a stroller carrying my purse while I carried Fox around and Cam carried Sloane was even less fun than it sounds. But it was great for about the hour and a half before that.

The ride home took a little extra long because there was some event going on that caused us to take a detour. We mentioned to Fox that he'd get a nice long nap when we got home (8 hours please?). And then Fox got excited and exclaimed "Everybody naps!" And then pointed over at the old woman who had fallen asleep across from us. Highlight of the evening. Besides that salted caramel shake.

Right by our last metro stop, there's a little cupcake shop. There are so many cupcake places here, and it's wonderful. It was Sticky Fingers and their sign said they've won Cupcake Wars twice, so that was good enough for us. We had really set our sights on cupcakes that night, so it was nice we were able to find a place (with absolutely no line). Also, we had been bribing Fox with cupcakes all night, so it was nice to be able to keep our word:)

We, The Pizza // Where Dreams Come True

The BBQ pizza we ordered at We, The Pizza the other night may have been the best pizza I've ever had. If not, then the best BBQ pizza I've ever had, hands down. Sit down for this: slow-roasted pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar, and crispy onions on top. And the slices were huge. And the music was good. And Fox and Sloane weren't too crazy. And it was in a cool neighborhood in Capitol Hill where people were already decorating for Halloween. Basically, it was a great night. A great, delicious night. So great and delicious that I apparently had to document it on this blog.

Fall Leaves and the National Museum of American History

Yesterday, we decided to spend our Columbus Day learning more about our nation's history by visiting the National Museum of American History. We decided it is our favorite museum here, so far. It was really neat seeing so many pop-culture relics (Harry Potter's robe was there -is that really American history? Either way, it was cool), really neat exhibits on our wars, and the star-spangled banner (yes, the one that inspired our national anthem). That flag was so huge -that really took me by surprise. And of course it all tied in perfectly to the episode of Drunk History we watched last night:)

As we headed to dinner after the museum, it was like fall just appeared out of nowhere. I know it has technically been fall for a few weeks, but it hasn't really hit our area of DC yet, so it was extra fun seeing all of those bright-colored leaves last night. I can't wait until it spreads all over -we have always had to go up to the mountains in AZ to experience fall colors, so this is a fun change. Yay seasons!

P.S. I wore my fox sweater yesterday to celebrate the opening of my new online shop, Little Kit Design. It is a shop of hand drawn nursery printables, as well as printables to go in every other room of your home or office. Be sure to check it out here.

New Shop Opening on Monday // Get a Free Print!!!

 photo Little-Kit-Design--.jpg
After a lot of hard work and preparation, I'm opening a new design shop on Monday (Oct 13) and I would love for you to be one of the lucky ones to get a discount code for a free print! The new shop, Little Kit Design, specializes in prints for nurseries and kids rooms, as well as fun prints for the home or office. Most of the designs are drawn by hand -including calligraphy and hand lettering:) It's been a blast working on each piece and I'm excited for everyone to see them on MONDAY! Most of the pieces will be printables, which are an awesomely-affordable way to have art on your walls the same day you pick it out!

I'll do a special post on Monday with a link to the Little Kit Design shop's site and all of that jazz, but for now be sure to follow the shop's Instagram @littlekitdesign to stay up to date on the grand opening, new items, sales, and a very special video post (put up yesterday) with info on how to get a free print or two (hint: it's super easy!).

Too cool to sleep

Fox was still sleeping in his crib until we moved to DC -mostly because we couldn't bring his crib with us. So he went right into sleeping in a big bed as soon as we got here. It only took a day or two for him to adjust, which was awesome. He'd even nap! (that was what I was most worried about). It's kind of no wonder he goes right to bed -that bed is so stinkin comfortable! Camaron and have been very envious, as our bed here is rock-hard. Anyway, Cam and I have been counting our blessings that this ended up being another one of many transitions we had to make in this move that has gone very smooth ...or at least it was.

These last two weeks or so, kiddo has suddenly decided to take at least an hour to go down each night. Always crying, requesting more bedtime songs, requesting sour gummy worms (so my child),  and sneaking out to jump on the couch -all the while being super cute so we'll give in to his constant anti-sleep requests (we're so weak). Then he finally goes to sleep. And then a little while later, we go to sleep. And then a little while later (usually around 4am), we'll wake to Fox either knocking on his door and politely asking for us, or to him poking us from the side of our bed.

Then comes the Fox antics in our bed. Seriously, how is this kid not exhausted after staying up way past bedtime and then jumping in our bed all night??? I know I am. This is just a phase, right? Mama does not do well without a god night's sleep.

Visiting the National Geographic Museum

Last week, we ventured over to the National Geographic Museum to see the Spinosaurus exhibit going on right now. Fox is a big dinosaur fan and wanted to bring his toy dinosaur with him to see the dinosaurs at the exhibit. So cute. Unfortunately, he ended up forgetting his dinosaur at home at the last minute:( 

Another misfortune: we, unintentionally, arrived at the museum ten minutes before closing:(

So we just walked around for the few minutes we were allotted and saw full-scale models of the Mars rovers. So cool. For some reason, I always thought they were a lot smaller. Fox was a big fan. He REALLY wanted in there. Along with dinosaurs, this kid is also a fan of robots:)

The rest of the evening was spent searching for a yummy place to eat to help celebrate! We found out on our way to the museum that a job, which I had recently applied for, offered me the position. In the end, I decided not to take the job, but for that night we celebrated the good news. Our yummy food search led us to Chop't. It was our first time there and it was sooooo good. And they washed Sloane's pacifier for us when she dropped it on the floor. Good people at that Chop't.

Just a fun, simple night. It's really hard for us to do much sightseeing lately -we still haven't figured out the double-stroller/bus situation yet. And with Fox usually refusing to hold our hands when we're by busy streets, we often end up carrying both kids, which we can only do for so long. So our trips around DC seem to always be very short. We're thinking of picking up an umbrella stroller to help with our excursions. We figure one of those shouldn't be hard to bring on the bus with us. Cross your fingers with us that Fox will enjoy riding in it while we're out and about -I really don't want Camaron and me to end up carrying both kids AND a little stroller:/ Any tips?

Sloane at Three Months

 Little Sloane babe hit the three-month-mark over the weekend and I just can't believe she has already been with us for three months. I also can't believe she hasn't been with us forever. Do you know what I mean? She just fits right in and feels so perfect in our little family. She is such a smiley baby and I love it. She is also an excellent sleeper at night ...which we're all loving. Naps are a different story. Don't get me wrong, girl loves to nap ...just usually if you're holding her and standing up. So that's been a little rough (especially when I'm due for a shower). But we just (finally) bought a baby swing and I'm really hoping she's a fan. The batteries haven't arrived yet, so we won't get to put it to the test until they do.

Sloane is also a champion eater. This may directly relate to how she is only three months old but is somehow fitting into some of her nine month outfits (?!?). Also, the fact that she is very tall may directly relate. Right here is where I would write just how tall she is and blow everyone's minds with what percentile that fits into and all that jazz ...but she's asleep with her legs in the air right now, so I don't know how to measure that. But just believe me, she's tall. She also loves her big brother. She's always watching him and seems so interested in everything he does. I'm so excited for when they get older and become little buddies. But for now, I'm just loving everything about this girl. She's such a great baby:)

*I went back later and measured Sloane when she woke up. 26"/27" long = above the 95th percentile. Called it.
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