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First Snow

We had our first snow of the season today!

I saw it coming up on the weather app on my phone and waited all morning until 11am (the predicted time it would start snowing). Sure enough, 11am rolled around and I looked outside one of our tiny basement windows to see fat snowflake clumps falling all over the place outside. Snow! I'm pretty sure the people living upstairs heard me exclaiming my excitement to Fox once I saw the white outside. We quickly threw on some warm(ish) clothing and then ran outside to check it out. It was Sloane's first snow, and I am pretty sure it was Fox's too (I find that hard to believe, but I really can't remember another time he would have experienced snow). Fox decided to share the experience with his tractor.

It was a pretty wet snow fall, so we just walked to the end of our block, caught some flakes on our lashes, jumped in some puddles, and then headed back inside. It's too early for me to get mad at bad winter weather, so right now I'm just going to be excited and happy about it -let's see if I can keep it up for two more weeks (that's when we head back to AZ :)))).

Babysitter weekends are the best weekends.

 We took these fun photos the day before our Gettysburg trip. We spent a fun day seeing the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence at the National Archives, taking our friend's senior photos at Rock Creek Park (and making him take a couple of us), and eating a waffle club sandwich. You are probably thinking, "Well, could life get any better?" haha jk. You're probably really thinking, "Did she photoshop those eyelashes? And how old is that manicure?" I did. And two weeks old. What I'm getting at is that it was a really fun, great day. But it did get even better. 

We left the kids with a babysitter that night for the first time since we've been in DC. I had no idea how much I missed dating Camaron until we actually went on one! Sure, we have date nights all of the time, but the kids always tag along, which is still plenty fun. Although, it's pretty hard to focus on your date when you've got a five-month-old who needs you to stand while holding her and a two-year-old who loves pouring out the salt, pepper, cheese, whatever is pourable onto the table. 

And we somehow lucked out and were able to go out, just the two of us, again this weekend! We went to the the new Hunger Games movie. Soooo good, BTW. We honestly couldn't remember what the last movie we saw together was. Had we even been to the movies since Sloane was born? I'm so grateful that we were able to find great people to watch our kids (and that they were able to handle Sloane through her crazy teething stage. We hope it's just teething, anyway). I really hope we don't let so much time pass before going on a one-on-one date again, because I'm a fan.

P.S Any tips on finding babysitters when you're new to the area? We found our first babysitter through urbansitter.com, and others we've found through church and work. 

P.P.S. Don't be deceived by the title of this post. Honestly, my most-favorite times have been with our whole family:)

Day trip to Gettysburg

Camaron's mom came to visit over the weekend. While she was here, she stayed one night in Gettysburg, PA (when you're given a free room at a fancy lodge in Gettysburg, you just don't pass that up). We decided to be adventurers and drive up for a day to explore and spend some time with the kids' grandma. We had rented a car, so it was exciting to not be on a bus and to eat road trip snacks. The drive was beautiful -which was extra lucky, because we accidentally took a wrong turn and our 1.5 hour drive accidentally turned into a 3 hour drive. We got to drive through tiny farm towns engulfed in fall foliage, saw where Abe gave the Gettysburg address, and ate at Lincoln's Diner. And that was about it. Our trip was pretty short with our detour getting there and daylight savings making the sunset around 4:30. But even with it being short, it was such a fun little day trip. I would love to be able to go back again someday and spend more time exploring and seeing more of Gettysburg. And we're definitely bringing Fox's pacifier next time, just for the long drive -exceptionally cranky, lack-of-nap ride home.

Good Morning, Baltimore

Over the weekend, we took a little day trip up to Baltimore. We took the bus, the metro, and then a train to get there. And we did it with our double-stroller in tow! Let's just say, we felt incredibly accomplished. And Sloane and Fox were both excellent travelers, as seen below.

While in Baltimore, we visited the Walters Art Museum. It was AMAZING. So many beautiful works of art. I had completely forgotten how much I love looking at major works of art. So many paintings, sculptures, ceramics, weapons, moose heads (ok, there was only one), and so, so much marble.

And the Walters' original collection included the most amazing pieces. I got up close and personal with a Degas, Manet, Monet, Ingres, Delacroix, and many others that brought back all of the best art history memories. Oh my goodness, I can't believe we haven't been to the National Gallery of Art yet. You better believe we'll be making a visit before our stint here ends in December.
Sloane napped off and on throughout the day, but Fox completely missed his nap, which worried us a bit -kid gets cranky. He completely shocked us by holding strong and staying happy and helpful the whole trip! Then, after our long walk back to the train station to begin our trip back home, we looked down to find Fox like this: cute little snooze babe. What a great kid. What a couple of great kids. What a great day. What a cheesy way to end this post. Oh well, today was great and I don't want to forget it.

A Visit From My Parents ...and lots of crying

 Two weekends ago (yes, this post is overdue), we were blessed with a little visit from my parents. It went by way too fast. They arrived Saturday night, then my dad had to leave on Monday for work, and my mom then had to leave on Wednesday. It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend; full of great food, shopping, a date night for Camaron and I, and plenty of attention for Fox and Sloane:)

Confession: I had two crying breakdowns during the visit. One was to my mom. I started complaining about the woes and monotony of being a stay at home mom and how it has bummed me out that we had a huge bucket list of things to do while we're living in DC, but our time here is almost spent and we've only been able to do just a few of them because kids are hard blah blah blah... Then, the night before my mom left, I broke down to Camaron about how I was really sad my mom was leaving.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned or alluded to it, but Camaron is just amazing. Right after I told him I was so sad, Camaron called my mom at her hotel. He told her he was calling in sick the next day so he could stay home and her and I could have the morning together before her flight home:) Then, that wonderfully thoughtful woman I get to call "mom" planned out a morning of sightseeing for us. I checked six items off my DC bucket list that morning:)


Our little almost-five-month-old

I've been worried I would do this: fall behind on documenting Sloane. And of course "fall behind" is mostly used in reference to how much I documented Fox when he was a baby (wait, is he not a baby anymore?). She turned four months old on October 26th, and I didn't do the traditional blog post. I'll go ahead and peg most of the blame on lighting. Our old house had wonderful lighting and how could I not pull the camera out all the time when Kodak moments were presenting themselves right and left. The basement apartment we're blessed to be in right now in DC (this place seriously has been a huge blessing), unfortunately allows for an incredibly small amount of natural light. The bathroom gets most all of it. Maybe I could do a bathroom portraits series? (I have so many great ideas). Anyway, I just don't think to pull the camera out around Sloane as often as I did with baby Fox. Maybe I'll get better in the future (get your hopes way up).

Ok, back to Sloane. This little gem has just been growing to be more and more fun. My favorite time of day is when she first wakes up (usually an hour after Fox). We'll both hear her stirring and then run in to get her. First, Fox and I both look at her in her crib and say "Good morning, Sloane." I love hearing Fox be so excited to see her (and he mimics the way I say it perfectly). And then come the smiles. Non-stop smiles when this girl first wakes up. It's the best. I don't think that's anything new though. Maybe just bigger. Cause she's gotten bigger. Still off the chart for height. I wish I knew her weight, but we don't have a scale here, so we haven't been able to check it. I'm sure it's a good weight though. Oh, and she has started the ever-exciting rolling. She curls up real tight and rolls from her back over to her tummy. Baby's getting mobile! No more unattended bed or couchtime, girl. Most of the time, her curled up rolling is the result of her trying to suck on her toes. Fingers and toes, Sloane simply cannot get enough of hers. Also, along with the digit-sucking, Sloane's favorite hobby is making the Chewbacca/throat gurgling noise. I really feel all people should make this noise when they are feeling happy and/or excited and/or entertained that they can make a cool noise. It would be so wonderful, that Louie Armstrong would have to add new lyrics to his song.

My 29th Birthday

 I'm 29. There, I said it. It feels so strange saying my age (and having it be 29). It seems like the last five or so years, the topic of age rarely has come up, so I never think about it. Where did 27 and 28 go? Why did it seem like people were always bringing up their ages in college? Weird. Anyway, look at what a modern woman I am, not hiding my age. Ha! I guess I'm ok with it right now because this birthday really was such a great one.

Yesterday, November third, was my actual birthday. Unfortunately, Camaron had to work at his internship all day, though. So it really felt like any other day, as I just stayed home taking care of the kids all day. But it was still great. Fox and Sloane were awesome all day and even easily went to bed. Fox had even let me watch "mommy's favorite show" all afternoon (Gilmore Girls). And when Camaron got home, we had a feast. A Trader Joe's feast! Their mac and cheese is divine, FYI. Then we watched some Fresh Prince and finished off the night with the most delicious cake and s'mores ice cream sandwiches (more Trader Joe's gems). It was such a nice day.

The crazy, fun-filled day occurred on Saturday. 

Since we knew Cam would be working on my birthday, he let me know that a special surprise would be happening on Saturday, and that I would need to be ready for the day at 9am. So I woke up that morning, got ready, and Camaron packed my bag for me and then sent me on my way. He told me to go to the bus stop and to get on a certain bus and then open an envelope he had put in my bag. It was so exciting. I followed his instructions and once I was on the bus, I found and opened the envelope. 

It said I was going on a scavenger hunt! Camaron had given me a stack of envelopes, each needing to be accomplished before opening the next:) The first clue led me to a yummy breakfast at Astro Donut (a place I had been wanting to try since we got here). Then, I followed a clue to a nail salon and got to have my nails did. The day went on like this -me getting time to myself and also getting to do the things I just seemed to never find time for. I finally got a Georgetown cupcake! (It was delectable, in case you were wondering. And ,yes, I did have to wait in a super long line, too). The day ended with me following a clue into a 7-11 in Virginia, finding a locker, inputing a special code, and then finding some presents inside. Have you ever heard of Amazon lockers? It was so cool! Then my phone died and I had to navigate my way home by myself. And I did it! It felt like another birthday present to be able to find my way onto the correct metro, transfer, and get home quickly from somewhere I had never been (without the help of google maps). Very 29 of me, if I do say so myself.

Thank you for all of the birthday messages, texts, calls, cards, and wishes! 29 is already rocking and I can't wait to make the end of my twenties be the best ever:)


Our Halloween ...and today is my birthday

I've always been a fan of Halloween, but celebrating the holiday with my own kids has made it even more fun. We did some practicing the last couple of days leading up to Halloween to prepare Fox. Fox  would knock on our bedroom doors and one of us would answer and have him say "tricky treat!" and then we would put a candy in his pumpkin bucket. Then, on Halloween, all day I reminded Fox that we would get to go trick-or-treating that night and he was so excited. He was ready. It was so great that he really "got it" this year. 

Camaron and I had been throwing around silly costume ideas for ourselves all week. Since Fox and Sloane were going as super heroes ("soopy hero!"), we decided we would go as bad guys. Yay for family theme costumes:) And yes, I basically was the same thing last year. But when you figure out your costume on the day of Halloween, you have to use what you've got.

Our street closes off to cars each year on Halloween and throws a big block party. There was food, a bounce house, a huge cardboard box maze, piƱata, and trick-or-treating. And even though it ended up being a chilly 50 degrees that night, we had so much fun -and Fox rocked it at trick-or-treating. Sloane fell asleep in Camaron's arms almost instantly (as usual), so I took Fox door-to-door. I'm so glad we were able to find a place to live this fall that had kids going door-to-door for Halloween and where everyone knows each other. It's such a great community.

Little tidbit: One house we went to had run out of candy, but they had little Peanuts comic books they were handing out. Fox grabbed one for a second, but then put it back. Guess he didn't want to settle for less than candy. And then he almost immediately started saying "different house, different house..." because he knew it was time to move on to a different house:)

Oh, one more tidbit: we did one last trick-or-treating practice right before we left for the neighborhood party on Halloween. We gave Fox a couple of skittles when he knocked on our bedroom door and said "tricky treat!" "Happy Halloween!" and "thank you". When we got home at the end of the night (hours later), we found that he had been holding those skittles in his hand the whole night! Silly kid

Today is my birthday. It always seems to sneak up on me since it comes right after Halloween. Camaron has his internship today, so we celebrated on Saturday. It was AMAZING!!! I'll write more on it tomorrow. Today I'm just celebrating with Fox and Sloane by watching Pound Puppies and eating Halloween candy. This might be my most-favorite birthday ever. 
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