We belong at the zoo

The weather has been so great lately that we couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit the Phoenix Zoo. I only work a few days a week, and Camaron usually has mornings open, so we were able to make it over there right when it opened! Actually, we were a little early. It was weird. We're seriously never early. If we have the chance to go again soon, though, we'll do our best to be early again. It was awesome being there right when it opened. There were not many visitors there yet, and we got to see the animals eating breakfast. With Arizona being so hot, the animals are usually hiding in the shade sleeping whenever I've been to the zoo in the past. It was so neat seeing them exploring their habitats and even coming up close to us. We saw baboons eating bugs off each other, an Elephant eating lettuce and walking right up to us, a bear chillin on a rock, lions doing their thing, a rhino trying to hide behind a tree... you know, the regulars.

Fox had a blast. He loves animals. I think my favorite part of the experience was when we were looking at a desert fox, along with a few other people. And I asked Fox to spell fox. He quickly spelled it out. I immediately noticed the other people were very impressed. Little did they know it's the only word he knows how to spell, because it's his name. It was such a "You've Got Mail" moment! F...O...X! 

P.S. Did you see that family selfie?! We're so talented.

Sloane Babe

We finally were able to get Sloane in for a doctor checkup this week (I would tell you how long it's been since her last one, but then you'll judge me for being a terrible parent). We went to a new doctor, closer to us in Phoenix. I was a little nervous changing things up, but it all went so well! And Sloane was a champ! Here are her stats:

Height: 28.74" 84%
Weight: 17lb 7oz 35%
Head Circumference: 17.7" 78%

Don't let that weight stat throw you, she still has her majorly-awesome thighs:)

What's Been Going On

This year continues to surprise us with how differently it's panning out than we originally planned (Isn't that how it always goes?). We first had the whole no more moving back to DC surprise, then Camaron started his new job here in Phoenix (where we moved, close to downtown). Unfortunately, Camaron's job that we were all so excited for didn't quite meet all our expectations. The company was great, it was just that his department was stuck in one of those "This is how we've always done things around here, so that's how we're going to continue doing things" mindsets. So the job that had originally brought in Camaron to bring everyone into modern times, videography-wise, really let us down. Cam didn't get to use any creativity in his work, and would finish everything really quickly and was left being pretty bored all day. Such of waste of all of his talents.

Luckily, Camaron stayed close with one of the companies he interned for last summer. He ended up getting word that a job opening would be available soon, so we decided to jump on the opportunity. Of course Camaron was hired:) The change in Camaron since switching jobs has been so great! Not gonna lie, he was a little mopey for a while (but, could you blame him?). The new job has a schedule that lets Camaron be home during the day a lot more, so I decided to look around a little to see if I could get a job, too. And I did! It's a just a part-time retail job, but hello fatty discount on cute clothes! I can't believe it's been so long since I've had a job with a paycheck. I've been incredibly grateful for all of the time I've had to spend each day with our kids all day, but getting out of the house and working is also something I'm grateful for. I really function at my best when I'm not at home all of the time, so this has been a fun change. 

And just to mix things up a bit more, we're thinking of officially starting potty training for Fox next week!!! Please pray for us.

Marble Easter Eggs

This technique for making marble Easter eggs is my new favorite way to dye eggs. What's that? Easter is over? Well, guess what? This is too fun, easy, and minimally-messy to only do once a year. Plus, if you're anything like me, you probably had a pretty packed day/week celebrating Easter and didn't even get to dye eggs (this was the first year we've ever actually dyed eggs since Camaron and I got married. We've bought kits, but we always forget to actually do it!). 

First, start with a few hard-boiled eggs. The only downside to this technique is that the eggs may not be edible after they're colored. No scientific tests were done to prove this, but shaving cream is used and it might seep through the egg shells, so you may want to boil some extra eggs if you're in the mood for deviled eggs;)

Next, fill a pan with shaving cream. We used two different pans so we could create two different color schemes. Add a multiple drops of  different colored food dye to the shaving cream. Stir the color around just a little bit using a toothpick or back of a paintbrush. Don't over-mix, just stir enough to create a marble-looking effect.

Add your eggs to the shaving cream and roll them around a little using tongs, so they are completely covered. Then, transfer the eggs to a cooling rack with a baking sheet underneath (I lined mine with a paper towel, just to be safe).

The eggs now just need to sit for 5-10 minutes, then you can wipe off the shaving cream. I rinsed mine a little, but that rinsed off most of the dye. So, only rinse minimally, if you must rinse. You can also let the eggs sit for a few hours and the dye will evaporate. This was a lot of fun (especially for Fox), and non-messy, with a beautiful outcome.

p.s. I looked into it, and if you use whipped cream instead of shaving cream, it's edible!


Our Easter 2015

Celebrating Easter over the weekend with our little family and our extended families was so much fun. Holidays with this little family of mine just keep getting more and more fun with each passing year. I love family traditions and creating fun memories together, so I'm always all for lots of activities to celebrate holidays. One tradition that we all seem to be fans of for the past two years has been hunts for little prizes. And having a hunt on Easter is kind of a no-brainer, so of course we did one. We like to do them after the kids' naps (so we can sleep in instead of scrambling to wake up and set up before the kids wake in the morning). This year, we made an egg trail using paper eggs for Fox to follow once he woke up. We hid eggs in our house along the little trail with the kids' Easter baskets full of eggs as the prize at the end (on our bed). 

Fox did amazing ...and was amazingly funny. He was so excited whenever he found an egg. He would clasp his cheeks or cover his mouth in excitement each time he came across one. And my favorite part of the egg hunt came at the end, after he found his basket: I wanted a photo of Fox jumping on the bed, and the last picture above is how he interpreted my request (he's not mid-jump or anything, he is straight-up posing). :)

After the Easter egg hunt, we dyed eggs using a fun marbling technique. It was awesome and there was no mess! I'll be sure to post about the process tomorrow, don't worry. And then we made some Easter egg doughnuts ...because doughnuts. Then we headed over to the grandparents' houses. Camaron's and my parents live about a mile apart, so we always end up seeing both families on holidays (I could write a whole post on how crazy that gets, but I'll just leave that one up to your imagination). All the grandkids had another egg hunt at Camaron's parents'. Then we headed over to my parents' for dinner (and another egg hunt -they never get old, don't worry). 

It was a great day of family, fun, and naps (even for Camaron and me!). And even though those are some of my favorite things, I am most grateful that we have this day each year to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us. We have this day to celebrate him overcoming death and rising from his tomb. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for the love our Savior has for each one of us and the comfort that that brings into my life. 

I hope you had a happy Easter!

p.s. remember how I said Sloane loves sticking her tongue out all of the time? Now do you believe me?

Past Easters here and here and here <haha this one's an oldie. It's kinda funny to see how I used to edit my photos

Nine months, Sloane!

Sloane is now nine months old. Nine months! It's so weird picturing life before Sloane came to our family (which, apparently, was only nine months ago). She is just so great and fun and funny and really completes us. And she has been getting more and more fun each day, so that helps with the whole "I wish my baby stayed a baby forever" feelings that come here and there. Oh, and a quick FYI, people telling me things like "They grow up so fast! Mine are all 22 now.." does not help anything! It just makes me sad. So just stop doing that, people.

Little Sloaney loves standing up and is always pulling herself up and climbing over anything she can reach. This has also led to a lot of little falls -I have a feeling she will be the child with all the sad bruises (somehow, Fox never really had any). She also has developed a hearty laugh and busts it out whenever we give her lots of snuggly kisses. Or whenever Fox breathes or looks at her -seriously, she adores that kid. And lately she's been real big on sticking out her little triangle of a tongue. I love it. It's always sticking out.

She's also finally sleeping well. FINALLY. It's been the best. She still joins us in bed here and there, but we really don't mind. And the scratching phase is almost gone! No more sad scratch marks on her shoulders or the back of her head. Huzzah! Much rejoicing! Yay for nine months!

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