Ninja Turtle banks cost 1,500 tickets

We went to Peter Piper Pizza yesterday and the experience was a blur, similar to this photo. The kids had so much fun though. Fox only cared about playing the games. Sloane just wanted to explore everything. And I just wanted for them to have fun, be safe, eat, and allow me to visit with my friends. We can't all have everything (well, except the kids. No surprise). 

Fox LOVED this car ride/game. And I think Sloane might have enjoyed it a bit too;) We found out that none of us are any good at skeeball and PPP's pizza is not at all as good as it was when I was in high school (there may have been a time in high school where we tried to make our local Peter Piper our version of The Max). Mediocre pizza aside, we had so much fun. Let's go to the arcade everyday! ...And then go to the Target dollar section and pick out our prizes instead of waiting foreverz at the prize counter to find out you only have enough tickets for tootsie rolls and a pencil holder.


Highlights of a Monday

I went to the dentist this morning.
Judge away, but it has probably been close to ten years since I've been to the dentist. I was ready to hear that I had tons of cavities. Surprise! No cavities! Miracles happen, people! I'm eating cookies tonight!

I was laying on the couch with Cam, watching a show while the kids were napping.
We suddenly heard Fox tip-toeing through the kitchen. I was waiting for him to appear
on the other side of the couch when he suddenly appeared right in front of me. I screamed. He laughed. So hard. Then I laughed. And we had a big laughing fit that was the best.

Today, I just really didn't feel like making lunch (or eating anything we had). 
Camaron was fine with it (love when that happens). 
So we got takeout before he went to work and it was delicious and I didn't feel bad 
for slacking on my domestic skills at all.

I was able to get work covered for this weekend, so we get to go to the big family reunion campout that happens every summer! I don't know when the last time was that I was this
excited to have to go potty in the woods for a weekend.


Sea World Tour

This post about our Sea World trip is waaaaaaay overdue. I'm not sure why, but I've had the hardest time keeping up with blogging lately. Someday I'll be all caught up. Ok, back to business. We got to go to Sea World with my aunt and cousin earlier this summer and it was so much fun. And way too short of a trip. But, we really needed a family trip, so no complaints here. It was such a fun experience to be there with the kids for their first Sea World visit. Oh my goodness, Fox's face in the penguin exhibit. You guys. And the fireworks after the Shamu show at night. You guys. And Fox touching the bat rays. And the traditional "sitting on the wall at Seaport Village" shot my family has taken since I was like 3. It was so great. But I'm so glad we sprung for the season pass, because we only really spent about half a day at the park (because we all slept in and took fatty naps in the afternoon -who's with me?!). There is still so much I look forward to seeing and doing (and eating) when we go back. 
Thanks, Shamu. Always a pleasure.

p.s. We also got to go to a Wynonna Judd concert while we were in San Diego. It was fun seeing her so up close (it was a small concert). Anyone else obsessed with the Judds in the 90s? Or had older sisters who were obsessed, and you just copied everything they did? Anyway, For one song, Wynonna started out holding out a note for a long time all by herself ...and then Sloane joined in:) And everyone heard. Even Wynonna. And she gave Sloane a cute little nod and thanked her. And 1991 Andrea freaked out.

p.p.s. Camaron had no idea who the Judds were. So I looked up their wikipedia page to help explain to Camaron that they were seriously a big deal. And, holy cow, I didn't realize how crazy their life was. I kept telling Camaron, "this should be a Lifetime movie!" Turns out it is :)


Fox lately

Knowing that Fox turns three next month is blowing my mind. This little, red-headed comedian brings so much happiness (and laughter) to our family. Right now he's big on Pokemon, milk, making sure Sloane's hair is in "bow tails" (pigtails), the song "Geronimo", the color green (nothing new there), and ketchup.

I've heard three-year-olds are a whole new level of "challenging." I'm seeing glimpses of it here and there, even though Fox still has a few more weeks before his third birthday. Especially at bedtime:/ But overall, I really think we lucked out with this kid. He loves helping clean up messes, is a fan of brushing his teeth, has become much more open to new foods (though, he's still a pretty picky eater). He's also so, so funny. Last night, after dinner, we just let Fox entertain us. He loves building forts, playing hide and seek, and making up songs. He is also such a curious little boy; He's very interested in where things come from. Examples include "How do lemons grow?"  "How does tape grow?" "How does milk grow?" "How do flowers grow?" Basically, I really need to brush up on my photosynthesis. 

I think Fox has seen Ninja Turtle like once? Where does he get this stuff?? And this one

Sloane's Party Animal Birthday

Sloane's birthday party was so much fun. We decided to go with a party animal theme, and I think Sloane approved. Overall, it was a pretty simple party (mostly because time-management is not my forte, and all of my ridiculously-overboard projects fell through once we hit three o'clock in the morning re-painting our living room the night before the party). Here are a few photos from the party:

Sloane loves fruit, so I made sure to serve plenty. Also, to go with the theme, we had animal cookies, animal crackers, and gummy bears.

It's official, Sloane is a fan of chocolate:)

We had so many fun friends and family come to celebrate Sloane's birthday with us. And they gave some of the most thoughtful gifts. I loved seeing Sloane's (and Fox's) reaction to each gift she got to open.

Check out this party animal! Probably one of the most memorable presents was Sloane's duck costume! She got it from one of her grandmas and it was just so funny and cute. I loved hearing my friend, Natalie's, reaction. She said she was watching Sloane open presents, looked away for a minute, and then suddenly Sloane was a duck! Hahahaha

Another highlight was the slip n' slide. I wanted to provide a something fun for the kids at the party, and Arizona summers always call for quality water activities. Enter: the slip n' slide. The kids had a blast, and I'm hoping for a chance to try it out myself later this week!

 Plus, Camaron and I are thinking that, with all of the water the slip n' slide puts out, maybe our grass will actually turn green! Fingers crossed.

Here's a little time lapse video Camaron made during the party, just to help you feel more like you were really there:)

p.s. There were definitely a few things I forgot to do/put out as I was scrambling to get everything done before too many guests arrived, but one really makes me sad. As I was writing this post and looking at the pictures, I realized I completely forgot about the table runner I sewed specifically for the party. I completely forgot to put it out! Also, anyone know where I put the other decorations I bought for the party and have yet to find? I'm insane. I need a personal assistant or something. How did I even get myself dressed that day?

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