Interview with a three year old

A few days before his birthday, we decided to film an interview with Fox. The yearly interview is one of my favorite traditions that we started last year, right after Fox turned two. I'm so glad we have these, so we can really see how much our kids change and grow. It's amazing how much this kid has changed in just a year! Also, I love how some things haven't changed (still can't quite stay still & needs to always have toys close by). Working on this has made me so excited to do Sloane's when she turns two next year (I think we should have done one when she turned one -even though it would just be her sitting there and making cute noises and clapping and stuff. Actually, especially for those reasons). On that note, here's three-year-old Fox:

***Fox has had some annoying allergies the past couple weeks -hence, the nose rubbing. I swear he's not constantly messing with his nose (for now, anyway).

***Fox's interview from last year HERE

King Henry // newborn session

I was so happy when my friend, Natalie, asked me to do a little newborn session for her new baby, Henry. He's not quite as new anymore (it sure took me a while to post these on here), but he's still tiny and just as cute:) 

Little, tiny fingers, toes, ears, everything. Even tiny noises. Oh, how I love newborns. 

And, umm, Henry's nursery? Perfection. 
I mean, look at that wall of books! 
No seriously, I guarantee one of your favorite childhood books is in there.

Tiny, sleeping newborns everyday, please.

We officially have a preschooler in the house!

We took so many pictures. Daniel showed him where to hang his backpack. He went straight for the toys. William was sitting in his seat. No tears were shed. 

Fox started preschool last week. Weird, I know. He was so ready though. 

We had been looking for a preschool to get Fox into this fall for a little while. Still not having any solid mom friends in Phoenix made it pretty hard. No real recommendations for anything that was less than a half hour drive. And I knew I wanted a preschool that was taught out of the teacher's home. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe because that's what I had growing up? probably. I mostly just wanted something that was low-key and would just be fun For Fox (and of course that he would learn a ton). He's really smart and we work with him a lot at home, so I was mostly in it for the friends and memories. Through our friend's mom, we found the perfect (for us) program.

The sweetest lady (girl? I don't know what to call her. She's probably my age) teaches out of her home. There are only about six kids in the class. Their schedule is very structured. And they have dance breaks:) And his teacher even brought cupcakes for the class on his birthday. Fox loved his first week. It's so fun looking through his folder each day to see what he's been working on. 

He was all smiles on that first day. Not a nervous bone is his body. We put on Geronimo for him to sing to in the car. He wore all of his spiderman gear (hat, backpack, undies, socks). He held his teacher's hand when she walked the kids out to their parents at the end of the day. He took an awesome nap when we got home.

Oh, and incase you are wondering, Fox is already a teenager and said "maybe later" when we asked him to tell us about his school day on Thursday. Silly kid.

Fox's Birthday Fiesta // free printable

For Fox's birthday this year, I had the hardest time picking a theme. At one point, I was asking myself, "Do I even need a theme?" Yes, apparently I did. Eventually I came across a Mexican fiesta wedding (yes, I ended up researching wedding themes). Perfect. Fiesta = Mexican food. Taquitos, churros, guacamole, Jarritos... That was all I needed to know it was the right choice. Here are a few pictures from the party:

It was so much fun having our friends and family there to celebrate with us. My sister's husband, Tim, has amazing skills twisting balloon animals. My favorite was the fishing pole hat (see below).  It's the longest I've ever seen Sloane wear a hat!

The most difficult part of the party planning ended up being the search for churros. Every place I checked no longer carried them. In the end, we ended up going with the mini churros at ...Jack in the Box!

Cute kids alert coming up below. Brace yourself!

Twins! the best.

Birthday boy eating cake frosting

Our vast variety of literature really impressed Tim. Especially our guide book selection

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Where's the pinata??? Well, in the end, I knew I wouldn't have time to make one and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money buying one. Plus, I wanted to buy good candy for it, but all the good candy would've melted (soooo hot). But we did have water pinatas! Basically, we just hung a bunch of milk jugs, filled with water, from our back porch and let everyone take a whack at them. Water went flying, people got wet, it was great.

click any of the links below to get a free download of the Olé, Olé, Olé print

*pro tips: Jarritos are only $0.67 at Pro's Ranch Market. And Jack in the Box churros are muy bien!


Happy Birthday, Fox!

It's been just about half an hour exactly since Fox turned three (time of birth: 4:07 pm). He's napping right now. Oh, I'm so glad he still naps. Today has been a bit of a whirlwind, so I'll probably be napping soon too (fingers crossed!). We surprised Fox this morning with a new train set. For months, whenever the topic of birthdays came up, Fox would always mention, "and on my birthday, I'm getting a new train!" None of us had mentioned trains at all, somehow he just decided that was what he really wanted. And how could we not? 

Fox is a boy of routine, though he is hardly predictable. For the last few months, he has been waking up right around 6am. He always wakes Camaron and requests he come watch shows with him on the couch (bless that saint husband of mine). He's been a fan of Spiderman for a while, but he love to toss in a few episodes of Strawberry Shortcake, Pokemon, or something really weird from Cartoon Network here and there too. He always requests to play outside at some point. Eventually, he heads to preschool, then naps, then plays hard all over the house. A lot of running and throwing of balls. When it's finally time for bed, he brushes his teeth, reads scriptures and says prayers with me. Then requests around 6 glasses of milk. I love our bedtime routine best of all:)

Fox is a fan of bagels and cream cheese, cheese, pasta, yogurt, and sweets. He has always been a big fan of books. I love that he's now at the age where he can memorize most of the story, so he ends up "reading" the books to us. And he has the highest little voice, that we just can't get enough of. We need to record it more. Fox is a hide-n-seek pro. He loves getting the whole family involved, "Mommy, you go count with Sloane and me and Daddy are going to go hide in my closet!" :) He'll always come up and hug you right when you need it and catches on quickly when something is wrong. He is pretty sensitive, but in the best way. He loves Sloane and is such a great older brother to her. 

A new favorite of his is having "chats." Sometimes when we're driving home from somewhere and I would rather he didn't play games on my phone the whole way, I suggest we chat. Now, he suggests it :) We chat about all our family members and his friends. And sometimes superheroes.  Deep discussions about hair color, who's married to who, and everyone's hobbies. You know, the juicy stuff.

Fox is always coming up with a funny new catchphrase ("how dare you, sir!"), dance move (tongue always out), or building something (forts and bridges, lately). I love the imagination on this boy.

Fox, you sure are great! I can't wait to see how much more awesome you grow to be this year. Thank you for being such an amazing little boy. I love being your mom:) Love you!

Fox's 2nd birthday here
Fox's 1st birthday here
Fox's birth story here

**We found his train set at Ross for a steal!


Keep it cool

With the average temperature being 106 lately, this summer has been screaming for water activities. Splash pads, pools, sprinklers, you name it. We're all for it. The slip 'n slide we bought for Sloane's birthday party has proven to be one of the best purchases of the summer. Fox and Sloane loooooooove that thing. They've been hitting it up in the mornings, as well as the afternoons, lately. Plus, it's seriously doing wonders for our back lawn. I thought that grass was beyond saving -especially since we never watered it the first five months we lived here (oops). But, after a day of using the slip 'n slide, we saw green! And now the whole lawn has been revived. Thank you, slip 'n slide and wimpy sprinkler from Walmart. You've been keeping us cool this summer (in so many ways) and have brought life back to our backyard. 
How have you been keepin it cool?

p.s. Sloane's favorite backyard toy right now is flip flops (see above photos). Made me think of this

Whiting Family Reunion 2015

Every summer growing up, my family would drive up north to the White Mountains to attend the Whiting Family reunion. My great grandma is Pearl Whiting (for all those of you who may be fellow Whitings -AZ has a lot of us). I have so many memories of camping in the rain, running around with cousins, building forts in the woods, drinking from the spring, visiting the old saw mill, riding quads, flying high in the tire swing, riding in the big trailer up to Green's Peak, Soaring through trees on the zip line, waking up to the breakfast bell in the mornings and then all gathering together for tons of pancakes. As we got older though, our trips to the annual family reunion grew more and more sparse. I'm not sure why that happened. I guess it just became less of a priority in my mind. But this year, I really saw how important family reunions are. Not everyone has something as neat as this to look forward to every summer, and I'm so glad I was able to bring my own family for the first time this weekend.

Somehow, all of our schedules worked out that my sister and her husband, my mom, and Cam and I (and the kids) were able to go ...Along with probably close to 70 other relatives (Cam's and my estimate). I loved the anticipation for the reunion campout. Fox hasn't been camping since he was like 11 months old, but he was so excited to go camping again. A few days before, Fox pulled a flashlight out of his toy basket and said, "We'll need this flashlight when we go camping." He totally got it this year. 

Some highlights of the weekend: The weather was perfect (even the rain all night long). We got to visit with a lot of relatives I've never really gotten to know before (I was just as shy when I was little as I am now). Fox had a blast and made a lot of new friends (probably my favorite part of the weekend). Sloane loved getting to explore so much outside (this was her first time camping). The breakfast pancakes were probably the best I've ever had at the reunion. And it turns out, one of my cousins (not sure how distant) and his family are in my ward! Who knew?! Family!

P.S. I got to design the shirts for the reunion this year and last. I didn't go last year though, so it was a fun experience this weekend seeing so many people wearing something I worked so hard on. And it's always fun matching with a huge group of people:)
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