Birthday Week Begins!

Our family has a tradition of starting off birthday celebrations a week before one's actual birthday. We started this when Camaron and I were dating. I was too excited to wait until Camaron's actual birthday, so I surprised him with presents each day for the week leading up to his birthday. I may or may not have had more fun that year than he did. I just really love giving gifts and surprises, ok? Like, a lot. 

My birthday is next Tuesday, so birthday week commenced yesterday with Camaron surprising me after work with a box of Bosa Donuts. I love Sloane's little hand getting in on the action in this photo. Ha! All the sprinkles, please.

You're already setting that bar pretty high, Camaron. I love birthday week.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

Top photo from my birthday last year

Suspicious Behavior // Fox Lately

Yesterday, I could hear Fox playing in Sloane's room. Camaron went to check on him first. He quickly told me I needed to see this...


Dinner In A Pumpkin

dinner in a pumpkin

Have you ever had dinner in a pumpkin? It literally is just that (...unless you're thinking it's all of us sitting down to eat a meal in a giant pumpkin, then you're wrong. And I'm bummed, cause that would be so great). But really, it's a meal baked in and served from a pumpkin!


Sloane // 15 Months

Sloane 15 months
Sloane 15 months

Baby Sloane is 15 months now! I don't know how this keeps happening -the whole babies growing up thing. It's hard to imagine that just 15 months ago...


Eloise // Newborn Session

Meet baby Eloise. She is one of the cutest and sweetest little newborn babies I've ever met -she must get it from her mom, Mary:) Mary has been one of my best friends for a long time, so I loved getting to do this for her.  Here's a little peek into Eloise's sweet newborn session...

Portland Trip // Multnomah Falls, Tim Tam Slams, and Fred Armisen

picsoandrea Multnomah Falls, Tim Ram Slams, and Fred Armisen

For most of our Portland trip, we got around using public transportation. But the MAX light rail doesn't travel to Multnomah Falls (unfortunately), so we rented a car for a day and got our adventure on. The drive to the falls was beautiful. Dense, green forest, the Columbia River Gorge right beside us, and rows of mountains up ahead...

Portland Trip // THE FOOD

Throughout our Portland trip, and after, we were often asked what out favorite part of our trip was. I tried really hard, but the answer kept coming out as "the food". Seriously. You guys. There were so many delicious, quirky, fun food places in Portland. I loved everywhere we ate. And I tried really hard to not be one of those people who's always taking pictures of their food, but that just wasn't happening. So here we have a little photographic trip down Portland foodie lane. Enjoy!

Little Big Burger // northeast portland
This was our first stop once we left PDX. We were starving and Camaron really wanted a burger. We headed over to Alberta St. because they were having their monthly arts festival that evening and we wanted to check it out. I loved Alberta. Lots of cool little shops and food places. Little Big Burger was awesome, I just wished it was Big Big Burger (notice the size of my burger). But it tasted great and had all local, fresh ingredients. And once I ate my fries, I was totally full. So no real complaints. And the whole building was really cute (bonus points).

Voodoo Doughnut // old town chinatown
No matter how touristy it is, you can't skip Voodoo Doughnut if you're in Portland. Especially if you're as obsessed with donuts (I prefer to spell it this way) as we are. We had braced ourselves to wait in line for an hour (because that's just how it is), but we only had to wait about ten minutes! Thank you, light rain that happened earlier that morning! That's the only explanation I can think of for why the line was so short. When trying to decide how many donuts we should get, I mentioned "maybe three?" So we could each have one and then share one. Camaron wouldn't have that. "We may as well get four then, because..." I don't remember his reasoning. I probably blocked it because he had me at "we're getting four donuts". We got a maple bacon bar, Mexican hot chocolate, Butterfinger, and a peanut butter Oreo one. Then the lady taking our order threw in another Mexican hot chocolate donut, just for good measure. Each donut was so so good. And the bacon on Camaron's was perfect. I'm not going to tell you how many donuts the two of us ate in one sitting. Don't worry about it, ok?

Lovely's Fifty Fifty // northeast portland
We were recommended this pizza establishment by our friend, Myke. And when it comes to pizza recommendations, Myke is the guy to get them from. Don't even question. I'm so glad we went here, because this may have been the best pizza I've ever had. Well, it's in a different category than a lot of other pizza joints, so let's say it's in the top three. Their pizza choices vary by season (only seasonal ingredients = amazing). Our pizza was the corn with young chicories, caramelized onions, black pepper pecorino, and la quercia pancetta. I don't know if I've ever had corn on pizza, but now it's all I ever want. Thank you, Myke! I seriously feel like we owe you. 
p.s. Lovely's also makes their own ice cream. And it's awesome too.

Thai Peacock // pearl district
Camaron and I are pretty big Thai food fans. So we were all for trying some Portland Thai food. We had tried going to a few other Thai food restaurants, but they all turned out to be food carts, and we really needed to charge our camera battery. So we found ourselves at Thai Peacock. And it was like we spiritually found ourselves at Thai Peacock. Ha totally kidding, but it was so good that I'm not even kidding. I hate seafood (and I've given it so many tries, so just believe me already), but I could eat those crab cream cheese wontons everyday of my life. They were perfect. As was the pad thai. And the kaeng matsamun curry. And the wontons again. Ok, we ate here twice. It was Camaron's birthday, and he was having cravings, and like I'd ever say no to Thai Peacock. Plus, the restaurant was really cool and had a loft you could eat up in (we didn't eat up there ...this time).

Salt & Straw // northeast portland
This one was another recommendation we received. It was right across the street from Little Big Burger, so we headed over once we finished our lunch. Can I just tell you how much I love it when ice cream places let you have unlimited samples? It's the best. Salt & Straw does that. They're the best. And all of their flavors were awesome and something you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. I got the almond brittle with salted ganache. Camaron had pear and blue cheese. Both were so good. Camaron's probably sounds gross, but I actually liked it even more than mine. Salt & Straw knows what they're doing.

The Old Spaghetti Factory // southwest portland
I always feel a little silly going to a chain restaurant while on vacation ("there are so many amazing places here that you don't have at home!" -my mind). But, did you know that The Old Spaghetti Factory's first location is in Portland? And it's right on the waterfront? And there are huge windows all around so it's gorgeous and wonderful? Well, now you do. The food was great, views were spectacular, and they even sang to Camaron for his birthday:)

Lardo // southeast portland
Here was another favorite. I hope you realize by now that they're all favorites. This was such a good burger. And it was huge (well, it was a double). Also, we ordered the dirty fries. Those were basically a meal in themselves. The dirty fries are the house fries with dried herbs, parmesan, marinated peppers, and pork scraps. That may not sound good to you (it didn't sound amazing to me either). But I think I'm in love? They were amazing. Everything was so right about Lardo. Especially the name.

Portland City Grill // old town chinatown
I mentioned this restaurant a little in my previous post. But it's worth mentioning again. PCG is on the 30th floor of one of the tallest buildings in downtown Portland. So you get an amazing view while you eat. We went during happy hour, because they have discounted appetizers at that time (and we had spent all our money at Thai Peacock). The food was great. I encouraged Cam to get seafood, since I usually discourage it on any other occasion (remember how I hate it?). It was his birthday, and we were close-ish to the ocean, so I supported Camaron's love for seafood on this trip. The food was great, but the real star was the dessert. They brought Camaron a free slice of heaven for his birthday. I think it was some kind of chocolate mousse. But the crust tasted like it was made from those chocolate hazelnut Kinder bars you get in Europe. It was so so good.

Other places we ate that were awesome, but we don't have photos:
Bunk Sandwiches -such good sandwiches. We brought them back to our hotel and ate them while watching The Jim Gaffigan Show. It was tops.
Ruby Jewel Scoops -more really good ice cream. Really good.
Via Chicago -deep dish Chicago style pizza. It probably would've been good, had we not eaten Lovely's on the same trip. To me it was meh.

Any other Portland favorites?? 

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More to come tomorrow!

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