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My First Boutique

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I've been selling my prints online for just over a year now (and just made my 1000th sale!), but my first ever boutique experience happened this weekend. I always thought it would be fun to sell my prints in my own little booth and get to meet people and you know, the whole boutique/craft fair experience. It just sounded fun. 

How did it go? Well let's just say, it can only go up from here, right? 

Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? Basically, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Here we go: 

I meant to have a wall behind me with prints hanging, but at the last minute I found out some pieces didn't fit and I didn't have time to go exchange them. So, no cute wall or way to really display each print:/

When I went to go pick up prints (after they had already taken a day longer than the original "2 hours" they said it would take), they still weren't done. So I just went to a different printer altogether. Please give me props for not crying when the first printers told me they hadn't even started when I went to go pick them up the day before the boutique. I got so close, but I was able to keep it together.

Then while I was cropping the 5x7 prints, I discovered they were slightly smaller than 5x7. Great. A bunch of irregular-sized prints. Aka useless. And no time to print more.

Oh yeah, I somehow double-booked myself the day of the boutique. It was the same day of the Time Out For Women conference that my sister, mom, cousin, aunt, and I had all planned to go to. I was super lucky that Camaron wanted to run my booth for me. He's the best. So, I actually didn't even get to have the whole boutique experience in person. I got the set-up-for-a-boutique experience though (that was when we took the above pic:) )

And I ended up being scheduled to work all week before the big day, so I was incredibly strapped for time. And everything took longer than planned. So the night before the boutique and women's conference, I was that pathetic, crying mess who stayed up until 3am getting everything ready. It was terrible. I got to the point where I figured it really wouldn't be that big of a deal if I just didn't do either of my huge commitments for the next day. Just stay home and sleep and no more stress. Camaron got home from work around midnight (crazy work schedule) and, because he is the absolute sweetest, got right into the "how can I help?" mode. I would not have been able to get out of my funk if it weren't for him. Anyone know when the Best Husband Award nominations are due??

See what I mean? Why was this so much harder than it needed to be?

But even though I had a rough time and the majority of customers only bought the discounted irregular-sized prints (who were these people?), I left the experience ready for more. I'm already prepping for my next boutique in December. I got all the dirty work out of the way, so the next boutique should be way easy, right? I'll be sure to give you a heads up the night before the boutique, so you can send provisions (all the soda and cookies, please).

Highlights of the weekend:

Time Out For Women was sooooo good! I'm so glad I was able to go

After my super late and stressful night, my mom surprised me with a delicious smoothie on our way to the conference. It was seriously such a lifesaver. Yay moms!

We ate a The Arrogant Butcher for lunch and it was amazing. And our waiter looked just like Richard Gere and John Cusack somehow.

I got a nap when I got home that afternoon. Yes.

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