Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail

Our Easter weekend was wonderful ...and didn't go anything according to plan. Anyone else relate? I had so many plans for fun activities and Easter foods and treats to help make the holiday extra fun and memorable (every mother's intention, right?), but basically none of it happened. No fun bunny masks, no egg-shaped sugar cookies, none of the festive things I had pinned on Pinterest. But guess what? As I mentioned before, Easter was wonderful. I had even planned on it being super stressful -but those plans fell through, too! Yippee!!!

Why was I planning on stress? Well, do you know the movie Four Christmases? That was us, except with Easter. Camaron was Reese Witherspoon, I think. Jk, I don't actually remember that movie very well. But we did spend Easter Sunday at four different houses (ours, Cam's mom, my parents, Cam's sister with Cam's dad). And we survived! The rough moments were minimal (caught one in the above pic! Haha poor Foxy).

We had Easter Dinner and an egg hunt at my parent's house. Sloane basically stopped searching after her first egg (because candy). Fox did awesome finding the eggs my younger brother hid all over the backyard. And he didn't go too easy on Fox and Sloane, either. Seriously, I saw zero eggs when we first started, but the kids ended up finding all of them!

I love watching the kids hunt for eggs! It's one of my favorite Easter traditions! (That, and me eating all of the candy the next day -happening right now, FYI).

Quit staring at my dark roots! I know you're insanely jealous! Well, you can just go ahead and get over it because they'll be gone later this week;) To get our family pic, Camaron had to toss Sloane in the air in between each shot -it was the only way to get her to be happy (girl wanted the bunny cake in the house, not pictures. She's the best).

Bethany's twins got to join us for Easter dinner! It was their first time out and about -basically, a huge deal. Sloane loved them! She kept sneaking toys into their pack-n-play;) Earlier today, I overheard Fox say, "I'm just so glad the babies got to come out!" :)

The Easter bunny made a stop at our house earlier on Sunday. He left a little trail full of eggs and then Easter baskets at the end. Fox was so excited for his Transformers blind bag (Anyone else's kids watch those videos on kid's youtube where they just open toys the whole time??). Sloane was just excited for the candy (full mouth above ha!). Don't worry, they also got new toothbrushes, so they didn't go to sleep with teeth coated in sugar. And if a toothbrush sounds like a lame gift, just remember there are worse things you could find in your Easter basket (like the year my mom gave us all underwear).

The kids had another Easter egg hunt at Camaron's mom's house and then Easter evening treats at Candace's with Camaron's dad and aunt that night. So, we're all coming off a huge sugar high today. Good thing I've trained my body over the years to handle copious amounts of sugar, so it hasn't been too bad;)

Fox had an Easter party at preschool last week. He came home with this cute bucket of fun things and those bunny ears on his head. He wasn't feeling too good earlier that day, so I was very glad that he quickly felt better and didn't have to miss out on fun with his class:)

Right after I took that picture with Fox, Sloane put on the floppy bunny ears and wanted a pic too:) She does this all the time and I loooooove it! Wants to be just like her cool older brother.

This picture was taken at the end of the egg hunt. I feel ya, kiddos.

But really, I love so much that Easter is so much more than just eggs, bunnies, and candy. I love having this special holiday to reflect upon Christ's life, his sacrifice, and the love he has for each of us. I'm so grateful for the comfort I have in knowing that my Savior lives. I hope you had a great Easter weekend! 

p.s. We have tons of jelly beans and robins eggs, but no Cadbury eggs. What were we thinking??


Reading // Too many books at one time. I'm loving Natalie's book so far. I've been wanting to read it ever since she announced she was writing a book. I don't know why it took me so long, but I'm glad I finally got a hold of it. And I just started this one and am so excited to dive in and make it a part of my scripture study.
Loving // Hamilton. "Loving" might be the wrong word. "Obsessed" might be more appropriate. The commute from Phoenix to Gilbert multiple times this weekend for the boutique were much more enjoyable with that cast serenading me.
Feeling // relaxed after finishing up back-to-back boutiques these past two weekends. They were really fun though. I loved seeing friends and family come support my little booth:) Thank you so much!!!
Smelling // orange blossoms everywhere. And I'm in heaven. This is my favorite time of year in AZ. Everything smells so so so good. Also, the Bali Sunrise candle from Target. It's an awesome knockoff of the volcano candle from Anthropologie and it's been getting a lot of burn hours around here lately
Yearning // more sandwiches from Worth Takeaway. The Cuban is amazing. Also, all the Easter candy

Fox says

Last night, I asked Fox what he's doing in the above picture. 
"I'm plugging my nose because the house stinks." 
Sure, Mr. Fox. Also, how rude.*

While my sister was still on bedrest, they put a lockbox on their door for expected visitors to use to be able to get in. Fox found it incredibly interesting. He was asking me what it was for, so I tried to explain that it would keep robbers from coming in and taking my sister's family's stuff? Fox replied with, "Oh we don't call them that, we call them Grandpa." I was so confused. Why was he saying Grandpa was going to steal Bethany's stuff. I tried to explain that Grandpa didn't steal things. Then he replied with "Grandma calls him 'Robber' but I just call him "Grandpa.""
My dad's name is Robert.
I couldn't stop laughing once I put it all together.

Whenever we pull in to my parent's neighborhood lately, Fox asks "Are we in grandma's woods?" Kiddo apparently takes song lyrics pretty literally. And I love it. 

I was playing Sorry with Fox last week and I drew a card that only allowed me to move one space.
Fox exclaimed, "One?! ah, that's the loneliest number." Then he went on with his turn. 

I bought some frozen potstickers at the grocery store the other day. I told Camaron and then Fox quickly appeared around the corner, "Stickers?! What kind of stickers did you get???" I almost didn't want to tell him he had heard me wrong. Apparently, I need to start bringing home stickers. He was so excited!

Oh, huge update: Fox is now sleeping in his own bed again. Yes, it has taken this long. He's been back for over a week now and it's soooooo nice. How did we finally do it? I really don't know. I guess he finally decided he was ready. We had tried bribing him a few times, but he just didn't care. Then suddenly he did! It was promise of a green lightsaber that saved our sanity. Now, Fox keeps giving me a hard time about falling asleep on the couch (napping). "You need to stop sleeping on the couch and sleep in your bed or you won't get your lightsaber." I love that he really wants me to get one too.

We sure love that little chatter box:)

*I just finished all of Fuller House. I need more.




Wow, it's been quite a while since I've done a snapshots post -or any post for that matter. I don't know what it is about this year, but my posts have been pretty sparse. I often have thoughts along the lines of "well, what do I really have to write about anyway?" This is the the worst. When I get in this mindset, I see it as a sign that I need to slow down and really take a step back and realize there are plenty of great things I could be documenting in my life (it's really helpful to me to have these things written down). So, I'm definitely working on barreling out a lot more posts and getting back in the habit of staying consistent about it.

Ok, enough of that, let's go ahead and skip to the goods. You saw it, didn't you? That really old photo of my sister and I ...and Uncle Jesse. Have Mercy! Growing up, I was blessed with an aunt who was just as obsessed (if not more) with John Stamos as I was. So, she seemed to always have tabs on what he was up to. So, when it was announced that he would be a special guest at a car show in Phoenix that winter (I'm assuming it's winter, based on that puff-paint sweatshirt my mom made that I'm wearing), we were among the first to know about it. I remember waiting in line getting closer and closer to the actual Uncle Jesse! Look at that hair -this was the peak of Full House amazingness, people. I was a little nervous, but he was so nice and (this is a weird thing to remember, but it's important) I remember he tickled me a little to get me to give a good smile -ha! If I remember correctly, I was missing a front tooth, so closed-mouth smiles were my jam.

And I know it looks like I'm obsessed with my kids since they dominate this post. Well, you're right;)

1. How adorable are all those little cuties riding on a bench swing in the top photo? 
2. If you're going to have an adorable baby shower featuring a table stocked with play dough... well, you know where we'll be.
3. That tongue!
4. Sunday best shenanigans
5. Sloane and I joined some friends for a mother/daughter noon tea this weekend! It was at an adorable tea house in Glendale. It was quite the experience, but I was a little disappointed there weren't more doilies ha! I mean, shouldn't any tea experience include an absurd amount of doilies?
6. And here are the girls. My sister had her twins just a little over two weeks ago and they're perfect and little and so cute. Eliza and Lucy. They're the best and I hope they get to come home this week (they were born a little early, so they've been in the NICU).
7. the goods
8. I'll be selling my prints at a boutique this weekend and my dad helped me with my display yesterday. We had to saw the pegboard to the right height and then assemble the tri-fold. I love it and am so excited to put the rest of it together. If you'll be around Gilbert on Friday or Saturday, come on by! Boutique info here

Ok, I have to get back to work getting ready for this weekend while still making time to watch the rest of Fuller House. I want to write a whole post dedicated to this blessing of a show. There's just so much to say ha!
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