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Today is Fox Day!

Did you know that today is an extra-special day? It's definitely not just another blah Monday ...it's Fox Day! At Fox's preschool, the last couple of months, a student gets spotlighted each week. They bring in a poster filled in with facts all about themselves, then they lead a show-and-tell at the end of the week. This week is Fox's week! And today is the day he brings in his poster to share all of his important Fox facts:)

Fox got to pick out each picture he put on his poster (love that he chose a fam pic from Easter last year;) ). We let him pick everything he wrote and drew on the poster -which lead to some really great Fox facts. Here is what his poster says:

All About Fox Stevenson
I am 3 years old
My favorite color is green
My favorite animal is fox
My favorite food is hot dog
Target is my favorite place
When I grow up, I want to be pillow fort-er
My favorite thing to do is play with toys
If I had one wish, I would wish for Grandma's house

This kid! Hahaha Target?! And he came up with the term "pillow fort-er" completely on his own:) I can't wait to hear what he decides to take to school tomorrow for show-and-tell.

Oh! P.S. yes, Fox is fully dressed behind his poster in the above pic;) And yes, he has mint nail polish on two of his toes -it was the only way I could get him to take a bath this morning. He thinks nail polish is so cool.

Pillowforts and jammies

Is this some kind of amazing sleepover?? Nope. Well, maybe. I just turned around and saw Fox and Sloane in their new jammies in one of their classic pillow forts. I had to document it:)

It's all about pillow forts, pillow fights, and jammies these days. Basically, slumber party central over here. I don't know what inspired it, but I don't hate it! Grab your slippers and get over here!

p.s. I was talking to an old friend a few weeks ago and she mentioned an infamous sleepover I threw in junior high. She mentioned how it got a little crazy. Honestly, all I remembered was roasting marshmallows, going TPing, and one girl getting a migraine. But my friend was like, "yeah, I just remember someone suggesting we all play strip poker." 

Hahahahahahahhaaaaa oh man, why is it always the most embarrassing things that other people remember about us?! I have no doubt that it was me who made the above suggestion trying to be funny. Oh, silly junior high Andrea.

Spring at the Phoenix Zoo

We spent most of the morning on Monday at the Phoenix Zoo. We hadn't been since last year, so when my mom and dad proposed a zoo outing to us, we jumped on it. It's been pretty warm around the valley lately (ok, it's been hot! But I know it's going to get much hotter, so we'll just call it "warm" for now. cool?), but it was pretty perfect on our zoo day. Not too hot at all. In fact, when the weather app said the high for the day would be 77, I actually contemplated bringing our jackets with us. Ha! Definitely didn't need those! 

When we first got to the zoo, Fox was looking at the map and saw a little mountain goat in the corner. He immediately announced that the goat was what he wanted to see. That was his only goal on the map. Good thing the petting zoo had plenty of goats, because we never actually made it to the mountain goat area of the zoo (maybe on purpose).

Fox and Sloane totally surprised me at the petting zoo area. I had thought we would have to drag them out of there, but they were so timid around the animals (mostly just goats). I think Fox touched one for like 2 seconds. Sloane loved brushing them ...but I use the term "brushing" lightly here. She would just lightly tap their fur with the brush, then run away laughing. Either way, it was fun seeing them interact with the animals so gently:)

The zoo recently opened a new tiger exhibit. We were pretty excited, but those tigers are serious camouflage pros, because we didn't see any! At first we didn't see the bears either, but we later found their secret napping spot and got to take a little peek at them. The zebras and giraffes were right next to the fence, so that was pretty fun! And there were seriously monkey exhibits like every 50 feet. The Phoenix Zoo sure doesn't want you to feel like you're missing out on seeing animals:)

 One of my favorite things on this trip was my dad telling stories about being a kid growing up in Phoenix and going to the zoo all the time. And how cheap it was. And how everything was way more spread out. And how he would fish with his friend under the bridge where the entrance is. A lot may have been exaggerated:)

Also, when Fox yelled at a petting zoo cow, "Hey cow, go milk yourself!"

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