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Are You Kitten Me? Sloane's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Sloane's 2nd birthday party over the weekend -it was kitten themed:) Sloane is a big fan of cats, so this party was right up her alley (get it? alley cats? Don't worry, plenty of cat puns to come).

It was so much fun coming up with kitty-themed decorations. Although, it always seems like I take a ton of time working on a certain decoration, then completely forget to put it out the day of the party. Last year, it was the table runner. This year, it was the table runner and the yarn balls:/
(I staged the yarn ball photos after the party -gotta get some kind of use out of them)

Oh ps, I made the "swig" cookies for the party. They are my new favorite go-to. Make them. Make them now. RECIPE HERE

For the party, I wanted to make sure I had some kind of activity for the kids. So I made the "kitty corner" by wrapping our coffee table in upside-down wrapping paper. Then I put out some crayons and coloring pages. Kitty ears and party blowers were also a must:)

Too many cute kitties:)

As I mentioned before, once you start with the cat puns, you can't stop. So we had a cat pun contest. Ernest was a pro! Seriously, he could work for Laffy Taffy. And check out that amazing prize! It has even been edited (by Camaron's mom). hahaha

The winning pun involved the police and cat nip (I'll let you figure out the rest). Never a dull mewment with these cool cats! Ok, ok, I'm done.


Sloane is still learning how to blow out candles (she's just too dainty!). So, Fox helped:)


Thank you everyone who was able to come (and no worries to those who couldn't -summer vacations are totally understandable)! And sorry I didn't get pics of everyone. Apparently the overload of cake and cookies in my body led me to be a forgetful photographer.

 A little party'd out

Also, our deepest apologies for not playing Cat Stevens during the party.

Know any good cat puns/jokes? leave them in the comments below:)

napkins, straws, cups, party blowers, foil letters, and honeycomb balls from Just Artifacts. All other decorations made by me. Invitation designed by Little Kit Design (aka me)

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