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My Experience at Pinner's Conference 2016

Have you heard of Pinner's Conference? It's a show where you can take amazing classes and then shop hundreds of super-talented vendors. Basically, it's the best weekend ever. In the past, the conference has always been held in SLC. But this year, they expanded to a few other locations, including AZ!

I first heard about it a few years ago, because one of Camaron's aunts is a healthy food/life genius and was a presenter at the SLC show a few times. It looked like so much fun. So, when I was invited to be a vendor, I jumped on the opportunity. And I'm so glad I did, because it was so much fun and I learned so much (both from classes and from experiencing my first big trade show). 

The classes were one of my favorite aspects of the weekend. Thank you Natalie for being my booth-mate, so I could take some classes!!! (and also, because it's always fun to hang with you). I took a watercolor desert botanicals class and an advanced watercolor florals class. I have a tiny bit of watercolor background, but I always love learning more -and I did! Pink Puddle Studio and Natalie Malan were such great teachers.

Ok, let me do a little run-down of my booth. 

I wanted to make sure to document it well. This was not just for my benefit, but for anyone else looking for inspiration for their first big booth. (If this isn't your thing, just scroll to the bottom;) 
I felt kinda like I was going into this blind, because I couldn't find many resources for different setups for a booth similar to mine (selling hand lettered art prints). So, be ready for plenty of pictures! And just a heads up, the lighting at the show wasn't the best, so some pics are a little grainy -not my fav, but you get the idea:)

My goal for my display was to showcase as many prints as possible and also show some framed prints hanging, to help customers to picture my work on display in their homes. Also, it had to be cute. My dad can make anything, so he was an amazing resource in bringing my ideas to a reality. 

We built a bi-fold wall from plywood. Each side is 4'x6' with a piano hinge connecting them. I then hung the framed pieces using Command hanging strips -which worked great!

The tri-fold on the table is made from pegboard. I'm pretty sure it's 3' tall and the middle piece is 4' wide with the sides being 2' wide each. Then I screwed in bulldog clips to display my prints with.

Let's just go ahead and cut to the chase here, though. The real stars of the booth (and possibly the whole conference) were the giant paper flowers that my extremely-talented friend, Jenny Bradford, created for me. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you that EVERY SINGLE person who came to my booth commented on them (or wanted to buy them). Even people who were just walking by did double-takes because these flowers are just so pretty. I couldn't get my camera to do them justice! So if you ever need paper florals, Jenny is your girl!

I added triangle wood shelves (built with Ron Swanson-like precision and love) and canvas banners to my inventory this time around:)

You guys, I sold out of these woodland animal prints. Sold out! milestone.

One of the most common questions I got right after Pinner's Conference wrapped up was "would you do it again?"

It was an incredibly stressful week/weekend, and I definitely went out of my comfort zone trying to not come off as a nervous, shy kid sitting in a booth. And i didn't go to the bathroom the whole day. Both days.

Here's my answer: I'm already planning on it:)

All of these prints are available in MY SHOP

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