I decided to intentionally involve the kids in more this weekend. I've gotten into a bad habit of putting things off, because I have the kids with me. I just figure errands and chores will be too difficult and stressful to accomplish when I'm taking care of Fox and Sloane. I had a mini breakthrough this weekend, though, and decided to just make things fun and keep them involved. 

When I mentioned washing the car, they were so stoked ...and they did an awesome job! Maybe I should start hiring them out? I don't know. I'll keep you posted.

Then, as soon as Fox and Sloane found out we were making cake for dessert tonight, they were begging for a piece. It was becoming terrible, so my mom (genius) finally came up with the plan to have them help decorate the cake. These two were almost as excited as they were about washing the car! I really hope future chores and errands run this smooth. Maybe I'll finally get out of my bad habit of putting things off ...especially when these cute faces are the outcome.


First Day of School

These kids started up school this week (we were a week late, but it doesn't really count in preschool, right?). This is the start of Fox's third (and final) year and Sloane's first! They're going to the same teacher Fox had when we lived in Phoenix. It's definitely a drive, but it's closer to mine and Camaron's jobs, so it was the best option for us, since we're both working full-time right now. Plus, Miss Amy is AMAZING! Both kids were so excited to be in her class. 

*I asked the kids to show me their backpacks ...the above photo was the result:)

I was asked a lot if Fox was going to start kindergarten this fall. His birthday is right on the borderline, so he could have technically done kindergarten this fall. However, if he had been enrolled in kindergarten, he would probably have been the youngest in his class. And that, along with him not being the biggest of kids, convinced us he might do better starting next year (then he'll be one of the oldest in his class, and that might come in handy later on in his schooling). Plus, he gets to school with Sloaney this year!

These two are such great friends. I loved seeing Fox take Sloane under his older-brother wing as she started her first day of school. He showed her where the backpacks go and where her chair was... (insert emoji of me crying here)

No surprise, but they both rocked it in school this week. 

Also, this post is sponsored by Old Navy. Just kidding. But they really are wearing Old Navy head-to-toe in these pictures (and basically everyday). Can't let that employee discount go to waste;)

p.s. When Camaron asked them about their first day, 
all they wanted to talk about was their lunch boxes. Apparently, packing lunches is super exciting to them hahahaha


Happy Galentine's Day!

"What's Galentine's Day? Oh it's only the best day of the year!"
Leslie Knope is absolutely right. I may possibly love Galentine's Day more than Christmas -I'm not positive, but I just might. Galentine's Day is a day set aside for ladies to celebrate their favorite ladies.

A group of my friends and I celebrated this most glorious of holidays over the weekend. I hosted the festivities this year. Everyone else brought food. It was so great. It's our third Galentine's Day celebrating this group of ladies! And our group grows in number each year! I hope we never stop. I took a few pics beforehand of the setup, but it wasn't until after everyone left that I realized I didn't take a single picture once the party started. It's a bummer, but I also take it as a sign of a fun gathering -which it seriously was.

unique cootie catcher place cards

Paper flowers have been my jam lately, so they basically took over Galentine's Day 2017.

paper flower backdrop
paper flower backdrop

For place cards, I made personalized cootie catchers (remember those?). I put "conversation starter" type questions in them, and I loved hearing everyone's answers. Here are a few questions and answers that were shared:
Scary, Baby, Ginger, Sporty, or Posh? Posh won this one.
Favorite Historical Woman? The ladies from Hidden Figures and every lady featured in a Smarty Skirts Box:)
Current celebrity crush? There were so many amazing answers for this one. I divulged my recent infatuation with The Rock. How can you not after seeing Moana??
Favorite female R&B musician growing up? I think this was my favorite question -so many memories! TLC, Destiny's Child, Brandy, Mariah Carey...
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Sometimes I like to be controversial:)

paper flower centerpiece

I asked each lady to bring a favorite finger food. We did this last year, too. It never disappoints. 
(especially when someone brings donut holes. score).

paper flower hanging terrarium

I also asked each lady to bring an unsigned Galentine's Day card (homemade or store bought) with a nice message inside. We put them all in a bag and then passed it around and each drew a card. We read them out loud, then had to guess who brought each card. Oh my goodness, I love these girls so much. The cards were amazing! So many amazing messages. Some had quotes, song lyrics, or personal messages. I wanted to put a poem in mine, and somehow came across this poem. I couldn't not put it in my card (and I just thought I was just so funny). The card I ended up receiving had part of Lady Gaga's response from Instagram to the body shamers from the super bowl written inside. It was amazing! 

Last, we did a favorite things exchange. We did it last year too, and since it's like the best thing ever, we had to do it again. I loved getting to know each girl better through them sharing a few of their favorite things -almost as much as I loved winning their favorite things!

I feel like I'm having Galentine's Day withdrawals today. Can we please do this more than just once a year?? Did you celebrate this year? 

watercolor cloth napkins

Here are the posts for Galentine's Day 2016 and 2015

Snow Day!

If you were in AZ last weekend, and you checked your social media, you may have noticed that basically everyone went up north to play in the snow. And if you were around me, you may have noticed I was just a little bit jealous. So, once I realized my Monday was free and there would be plenty of snow up in Flagstaff, I jumped on the opportunity to go play in the white stuff. And I invited the kids to come along, too:)

I'm pretty positive the kids' only previous experience with snow was that one day it snowed while we were living in DC. So, this was extra fun for Camaron and me. Oh, just an FYI, I invited Camaron too. He had the day off and I didn't want him to miss the kids' first real experience in lots of snow (I'm so glad we've been able to remain friends through all our stuff).

Fox and Sloane were so excited to play in the snow (they were begging to bust out the snow boots in the Little Caesar's nasty parking lot when we first got to Flagstaff). Speaking of snow boots, thank you, Jenny, for letting us borrow your gear. I'm glad Fox didn't care what color his boots were, cause he had a blast walking around and sinking into the deep snow. Also, notice his hat? It was my mom's back when she was a hardcore skier:)

We had so much fun ...until Sloane decided she didn't like gloves and then got sad cause her hands were cold. Then that was the end of that. Not even following bunny tracks helped. Next time, we'll need to rent a cabin up north, so we can enjoy the snow longer (with plenty of hot cocoa breaks for when we get too cold). Who's in?

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