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Snow Day!

If you were in AZ last weekend, and you checked your social media, you may have noticed that basically everyone went up north to play in the snow. And if you were around me, you may have noticed I was just a little bit jealous. So, once I realized my Monday was free and there would be plenty of snow up in Flagstaff, I jumped on the opportunity to go play in the white stuff. And I invited the kids to come along, too:)

I'm pretty positive the kids' only previous experience with snow was that one day it snowed while we were living in DC. So, this was extra fun for Camaron and me. Oh, just an FYI, I invited Camaron too. He had the day off and I didn't want him to miss the kids' first real experience in lots of snow (I'm so glad we've been able to remain friends through all our stuff).

Fox and Sloane were so excited to play in the snow (they were begging to bust out the snow boots in the Little Caesar's nasty parking lot when we first got to Flagstaff). Speaking of snow boots, thank you, Jenny, for letting us borrow your gear. I'm glad Fox didn't care what color his boots were, cause he had a blast walking around and sinking into the deep snow. Also, notice his hat? It was my mom's back when she was a hardcore skier:)

We had so much fun ...until Sloane decided she didn't like gloves and then got sad cause her hands were cold. Then that was the end of that. Not even following bunny tracks helped. Next time, we'll need to rent a cabin up north, so we can enjoy the snow longer (with plenty of hot cocoa breaks for when we get too cold). Who's in?

Good Things That Happened in 2016

I know what you're thinking.

"Well, this is going to be a short list."

Ha! I was thinking the same thing! (jinx). It's been really easy to complain about 2016 and thumbs up all the "2016 in flames" gifs. Like, really easy. But, I think it always actually feels better to look for the good. To find gratitude in hard times. This post was inspired by a tweet from my friend, Heidi, and from the talk "Gratitude on the Sabbath Day" by Henry B. Eyring, which I was listening to in the car the other day. Here are some of the good things that happened for me in 2016:

I surpassed my 2016 reading challenge goal on Goodreads. This was a big one for me. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I love reading. But it's been really hard for me to actually just read these last few years. But, ever since separating from Camaron, I've basically been absorbing books. It's been a sort of divorce coping mechanism, I guess? A direct quote from my mom: "At least you're not drinking!"

Spending more time with friends than I have in probably the last 2 years combined. Old and new friends. This may be the best part of this year. Being around the people who lift me up, make me laugh, and inspire me has helped bring joy into my life in so many ways.

I got pictures taken with me and the kids. This is a big one, because I am soooo that mom who is never in pictures. I love taking pictures, but don't always feel comfortable coming out from behind the camera. I don't know why. And I didn't even realize I was so bad about this until it was time to submit a photo of our family to our ward directory. I seriously couldn't find any that had the kids and me in it. Well, actually I did find one. And I was blurry in it. Jenny and I joked that it was our ward directory photo session when she took our pictures for us. It was.

I launched my modern calligraphy workshops this year! I've loved and used modern calligraphy for a few years, but was really intimidated about teaching, even when people expressed interest in me starting up a class. But I decided to finally just do it ...and I am loving it! And I have been overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone who has signed up or helped spread the word about my workshops. All three of my workshops coming up in January sold out within a day of my posting them! I was/am shocked. Thank you!

Pinner's Conference was such a fun and amazing experience. My first big big show that I had my Little Kit Design booth at! I loved meeting so many people who loved creating and getting to take classes and having success in selling my pieces.

I got to see San Francisco for the first time this year. It was beautiful and the sourdough lived up to all of my expectations:)

Also, in 2016, this picture happened:

so, there you go.

Happy Christmas Weekend!

By some miracle (a Festivus miracle, duh), I'm all done with my Christmas shopping! So This weekend shall be filled with cheesy Christmas movies, treats, and more treats. Then presents. Then more treats. And snuggles. Happy Christmas weekend!!!

Modern Calligraphy Workshops

The last couple weekends, I had the opportunity to teach a few modern calligraphy workshops. It took a bit of work to prepare and  a little bit of nervousness in anticipation, but it was all completely worth it. I loved every minute of sharing a skill that I've come to love over the years.

My first class was actually held at my friend's parent's home with a few members of her family. A nice, intimate setting. They even had the Carpenters playing in the background! It was so much fun. I loved the excitement in those students. And they totally rocked the pen and ink! Plus, Bethany's mom's cookies were so, so yummy.

The next class was a bit larger and held in my home. Both classes had a bit of a holiday theme, so we worked in black, as well as gold ink. We also worked on some holiday phrases once we were warmed up and had some letter practice. These ladies were so talented! I've had requests for an intermediate class, so we can go more into letter spacing, composition, flourishes, different nibs, and more! I'm so excited to set that up.

Here is the link for the next upcoming workshop. How fun would it be to gift to a friend or family member and then attend together?? Spaces are very limited, so sign up quick:)

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